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Glory of the Hero

April 30, 2010

Finally, after sitting at needing just one more achievement for the last couple of months, I have my red proto-drake.

I owe thanks to the people who agreed to be drug along to Violet Hold time and time again, in hopes of getting Ichoron. Daermonith happened to be the one along last night, but many others have gone along on other occasions. I won’t try to name them all, because I would inevitably leave someone out, but there have been people from both guilds who have allowed me to drag them along to a non-random just to go for this achievement.

Sarth3D, I’m comin for you next. Thirteen kills and still haven’t won the roll. /sigh

Questing in Un’Goro

April 29, 2010

Lore has been leveling his shaman lately, so once he got close to my warrior’s level, I headed down south to hang out with him. That CoT portal from Dalaran is such a convenient pathway to southern Kalimdor.

Hi ho Sparklepony, away!

I’ve always loved Un’Goro. I certainly don’t remember there being thorium veins every 20 yards though like there are now. Did they add additional ones since the last time I tried to level mining through there?

Anyway, we killed some tar beasts, and some plants, and then crossed the river and fought some pterrodax.

You know all those bleed effects and debuffs that make me scream in terror when an arms warrior inflicts them upon my mage? Yeah, well, they look pretty good on an ape.

Every time I do something on the warrior, I enjoy it. I’m not sure why I spend so little time on him. I really should actually level him one of these days.

The Beauty of Desolace

April 27, 2010

I’ve spent some time recently running around Old Azeroth.  It may be wanting to spend time in the old places before Cataclysm redesigns them, it may be that longstanding desire I’ve had as a bit of a lore junkie to have the Loremaster title … or it may be nothing more than an excuse to go tooling around the countryside on my shiny chopper. Either way … this shot is proof that even a dry and dusty region devoid of vegetation can be beautiful.

The Bird is The Word

April 26, 2010

This weekend’s big rep grind was … Skyguard! Hart and I hooked up with Sais and ran around Skettis, killing birdmen for dust and scrolls so we could summon the mini-bosses to get the items to summon Terokk himself.

THREE TIMES in a row, he dropped the Time-Lost Figurine. So later on, after we’d moved over to Nagrand to grind some more ogres, Hart and I decided to have a little fun with them.

Dance party!

Birds of a feather and all that … ok, I’m done with the silly cliches now. :p