Goodbye Plaguelands

I logged on last night looking for something to do. I quested on my paladin for a bit, then hopped on Karius and poked Lore and Hart until I convinced Hart to do something. We went to ZG … no mounts, no Tome of Polymorph: Turtle. We followed that up with a trip to kill Attumen in Kara. Someday I’d like to do that key quest, but for now, we just zone in through the secret entrance. Go go naked bug!

No horse. Meh. So we’re standing around inside Kara and Hart disappears. I check his location. Mage Tower? WTF. Oh, EotS. I consider doing a random BG or two with him but he decides he’s going to bed after that one. Boo. Then someone in guild asks if anyone has any Essence of Earth and I know I have some on my chanter, so I log over to Sanbec and get them, then goof around leveling his enchanting … after setting up his bars, of course. Everyone’s bars are a mess with the new addons when I first log in to them. Get done in Shatt and hearth back to Dal to find a crowd of people stuck inside the inn behind a wall of cluster rocket launchers. ROFL. Apparently this is the new game for bored people.

I heard people saying there’s another way out besides the front door, but I didn’t care. I took a seat at one of the tables for awhile and laughed at all the idiots who kept trying. A mage inside the inn made a portal and yelled that anyone inside should whisper him for a group in order to use it. Hilarious.

Once I got bored with that, I went back to the pally. He’d cleared his EPL quests out of the log, so I headed over to WPL to finish some there.  Along the way, he picked up this ghost that followed him around for awhile.

Right about the same time as I was taking that screenshot, Grom came on. I jokingly suggested running me through Stratholme, and he was like ‘sure! I’ve never been there.’ So I turned in my quests, flew back to Light’s Hope, and emptied my bags. Strat is fun anyway, but it’s even more fun on a paladin. Somewhere in there I hit honored with Argent Dawn and also hit level 58.

No horse, but we had a lot of fun. Once we finished, we rode out and headed back to Light’s Hope so I could turn quests in. He even got out his Charger and rode it with me instead of the Saber Cat he usually rides.

While I’m turning quests in … and dinging 59 … (I started the evening at 56 LOL) … Lore pops back into vent, so we ask him if he’ll tank something for us. Now, I was thinking random heroic, but he’s talking about Ramps and I’m like ‘hell yeah!’ So I turn in the rest of my quests, head to IF to train, and portal to the Blasted Lands to head for Outland. Grom decides to switch to his DK, so while we’re waiting for him to fly over to Honor Hold, Balt kills the demons for the first quest out there for me. Then when Grom catches up we ride over to Ramps.

Before we’re done in there, Balt notices that his friend is in Blood Furnace, so after we finish, we invite Iak to join the group and run some more with us.

Ramps was very, very good to me. I got a new one hander for tanking, I got a couple of greens ‘of the Champion’ for tanking, I got the Mok’Nathal Clan Ring that has armor and resilience .. for tanking .. and I got the one thing I most wanted out of there. One of the most awesome looking weapons in the entire game, and this is the first time I’ve had it on a toon of the appropriate level and class to actually need it.

Such a lovely Hellreaver, isn’t it?

Now I’ll have to find something to beat on to raise my weapon skill. I actually had to go learn polearms in order to equip it. >.<


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One Response to “Goodbye Plaguelands”

  1. Gromdred Says:

    Now that was a fun evening 🙂

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