Spring is Here!

Yes, this weekend marked the official first day of spring, and with it, comes change.

The most notable change, which I know you all are waiting for as well, is the dropping of patch 3.3.3 today. I’m looking forward to turning my stacks of frozen orbs into lovely frost lotus. And buying pvp mounts with the honor I have saved up. And possibly going back to DW frost … but I have too many other things to do tonight. That project will be for later in the week.

Another big change is going to happen to my UI. I spent the weekend visiting Lore. Saturday night, rather than going out and having to deal with people (ewwww, people), we stayed in and went to our usual ICC-25 raid. This obviously required me to play on his computer, since mine was several states away, so he set up the UI for me using the addons that he already had on it. I was like ‘yeah, whatever, the bar setup is kinda cool.’  …. I got home last night, logged on to my own computer, and I think the first thing I said to him was “omg I cannot play with this UI.” So that is getting fixed and you’ll see pics of it soon enough. Will I do one of those “here’s my UI” posts that lists every single freaking thing I’ve added to it, and has little arrows and shit on the screenshot pointing to each one?  Probably not. But you know there are lots of screenshots getting posted around here, so you’ll see it either way.


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2 Responses to “Spring is Here!”

  1. kaif01 Says:

    Your UI reminded me of a joke. Not a specific one. It was like what my screen would look like if someone came over and broke my UI and tried to make me cry.

    I hope your new one is better!

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