Return to Blackwing Lair

For Classic Raid Night this week, we went back to Blackwing Lair. I went on Ragle this week, now that he’s high enough level to participate. I even got to throw around some pew pew lazers with Elgar.

I only died once. This big dragon did it. I’m not even sure what it was, some sort of blast wave or something … I dunno, I was too busy practicing my healer skillz (i.e. ignoring everything other than my raid frames).

We had quite a few lower levels along this time besides myself. The Cael Clan all brought their level 60-somethings, and Drakinaar was there on his 61 druid. Cael and Drak got quite a few nice class set pieces. The drop of the night though was at the end, when Nefarion dropped Ashkandi! You can read more about that over at Lajos’ blog since Nickolas is now the lucky owner of this truly epic item. (Note to self: get 9 more levels on the warrior so he can get one, too).

The best part about it though? Hartbane died for me! (awwwwwww)

No, we weren’t wiping. I wasn’t in danger of dying. He didn’t save me so I could rez people, because no one was dead other than him. lol.

P.S. I *am* in the process of downloading and testing a couple of addons to clean up my UI mess. Really. I’m not lying.


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