Scavenger Hunt

Well, since Trout has closed down his blog, I guess it’s up to me to report on fun happenings in Crits And Giggles. Sunday afternoon we held a scavenger hunt. It was restricted to the continent of Kalimdor, and required the gathering of six items: a piece of Fel Cloth, a Bear Organ, any piece of Twilight Cultist Armor, a Scum-covered Bag, a Wastewander Water Pouch, and a piece of Thin Kodo Leather.

I started by taking the portal to Darnassus, where I made a quick visit to the AH before flying to Felwood. While in flight, I visited Wowhead and looked up each of the items. After landing, I dropped a bear quickly and got the bear organ off the first one. I rode south to the oozes, and got an Oozing Bag on the third kill. Waitaminute … that’s the wrong kind. Doublecheck wowhead and realize I’m killing the wrong ones. So I headed further south only to find that the others had been picked off already. Meh. Seems like hunting them in Un’Goro will be better.

Hearth to Dal and take the CoT portal to Tanaris. Ride to the Waterspring Field and toss a DoT on the first mob I see. Hey, he’s got adds! Oh, it’s that Scorpidsting named guy that I could never find when I was out here actually looking for him. Jerk. I have to drop two or three more before I get the water pouch, but it really didn’t take long. Then it was off across the desert to one of my favorite zones … Un’Goro.

So yeah, as I’m riding down the path into the crater, a message pops up on the screen … Discovered: Un’Goro Crater. Um .. oops? Apparently, Ragle had never been there. Haha. Oh well. I had a great time riding around, killing oozes and mining Thorium. I even found the Ravasaur Matriarch and killed her. I was soooo excited in vent. And then sooooo disappointed when I looted her and there was no pet. I was like WTF?!? Yeah, I didn’t know they’d changed that. /sadpanda  I did ride around looking for the nest, but couldn’t find one. Oh well. I got the Scum-covered Bag shortly thereafter, so I rode up to the flight path and headed for Ratchet.

From Ratchet I rode west and slightly south to the oasis and killed the lost barrens kodos that I found around it. Bleh. No luck. So I headed across the road towards the larger oasis. I killed a couple along the way, and paused briefly to boggle at a young troll huntress happily meleeing away next to her tiger pet. Heading back to the southeast towards the road to Camp T, I found a small group of kodo, and the first one I killed in that bunch dropped the leather.

Schubert was camped out just east of the Crossroads, within sight of the village gates. After turning in my items and collecting my Tranquil Mechanical Yeti (squeeeee) and gold, it was party time. Which, naturally, involved Schubey getting naked.

There were a couple of young tauren ladies around who we had fun with, dancing and dueling.  The feral druid (level 33) flagged herself, which turned out to be a mistake, as some level 80 human DK came along and made a game out of killing her … or tried to at least. What he didn’t know was that there was a level 80 feral druid stealthed nearby. That resulted in a quick death for mr. DK. Schubey and I cheered at our new druid friends and danced some more. Good times. I think we should schedule a Crossroads picnic sometime. hehe.

Afterwards, I returned to Northrend and finished up questing in Coldarra in preparation for doing the Nexus in the near future.  Oh yeah, have I mentioned that Ragle hit 70? If not … Ragle hit 70! Hurrah.


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One Response to “Scavenger Hunt”

  1. Gromdred Says:

    Again you guys in crits seem to have all the fun 🙂 Grats on 70 btw!!!

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