Ahhh, Wednesday night. Time once again to bear down on the fortress of the Lich King and lay siege to the lieutenants of the Scourge.

Of course, Grom and I have our own methods of getting mentally prepared to face the legions of undead within Icecrown Citadel.

Dangit, way to sneak your way into my screenshot, Solarios and Fiona. Geez! This is a serious subject and you’re ruining it!

Two members of our team were running a bit behind, so we went in with the eight that were gathered, and started clearing trash. By the time we were standing in front of Marrowgar, we had a full group and were ready to kick ass and take names. And that is exactly what we did … all night long.

We lost most of the raid on that cursed Rotting Frost Giant quest, but that was actually worse than any of the boss fights in that section.  We one-shotted everything from the Lower Spire clear through to Rotface and Festergut. Yes, that’s right, if we’d had that quest to get the two different colors of slime, we would have completed it.

We had a bit of bad luck on the Blood Princes when the tank on Keleseth had to go clear across the room to get orbs and lost one. But we came right back from that wipe and handled them easily on the second try. Lore has marked their status as ‘on farm.’ Hehe.

A couple of people then stated a preference for calling the raid since they had to get up early. Yes Hart, you’re still a wuss. But we were doing so well and technically still had an hour of raid time, so we decided to give Dreamwalker a try and then call it.

Our DK tank swapped out for his lock. As crazy as it sounds, we one-tank this fight with a paladin. Well, some of us got a little overzealous with our AoE on the worms that spawn after an abom goes down, so that ended in a wipe. But it was as good as or better than our tries on previous nights, so we coerced the people that wanted to quit into trying it just one more time.

So … Hart … what’s better? An extra 30 minutes of sleep? Or going to bed with happy dreams of 18K HPS and one more boss encounter defeated? 😉


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5 Responses to “I AM RENEWED!”

  1. Gromdred Says:

    I really like this one! And not just cause I’m in it 😀

  2. repgrind Says:

    We need to get Hart to start coming here and commenting. It’s not much fun picking on him if he doesn’t! lol

  3. Samueltempus Says:

    We also one tank this fight, it’s not crazy at all

    – Sam

  4. Elnoriah Says:

    Great job Roz! Just wait until you hit Sindragosa, now THAT is a fun fight!

    We really need to set you up with a new UI, that thing is cluttered! 😀

  5. repgrind Says:

    We tried Sindragosa yesterday for fun. OMG. lmao.

    We got some good tries in on Blood Queen, too. I’m gonna like that one a lot.

    Putricide … well, it’s probably a good thing I never got an Oozeling pet during Love is in the Air, because it would be a long time before I’d want to bring it out and look at it after spending sooooo many weeks in the damn Plagueworks.

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