Fun in Nagrand

I’ve been busy working on the last level my priest needs to get to Northrend. So I figured since he’s 67, it was about time I got the Ring of Blood out of the way. Baltok was kind enough to come out to Nagrand and kill the big bad elite beasties for me. Well, I helped, a little  bit. I think my dots ticked once before the things died. HEHE.

We finish up, and Balt is having so much fun, he decides to clear out the entire camp of ogres. You know, gathering a whole group of ogres and hitting them with a shockwave sure does look like fun … and I do have a warrior sitting at level 51 doing nothing … waitwut? Where was I? … oh yes. About the time the camp is cleared, Grom shows up. Ohai! Stalker. hehe! He was bored and figured he’d come see what we were up to.

That, of course, led to this …

So, while Baltok decides to fly upside down across Halaa, I get a whisper from another Crits member who is questing in Nagrand. She would like help with the egg quest. So I invite her to the party and Grom and I fly over there. I don’t have the quest yet, but she is happy to wait while I collect the 3 gasses I need for the pre-quest. We finish that up fairly quickly, kill the bird, I turn it in … and then Grom does this to me ….

Shadowbunneh powah!

We goof around there for awhile, then hearth back to Dal … hearthing does NOT lose the costume! Hooray!! So we head to our usual hangout in front of the bank, where I invite an unsuspecting Daermonith to the party. Bam!

I tried to re-invite Baltok to the party so we could zap him, too, but he was too smart to fall for it. Oh well. Daer and I had fun hopping around and trying to make a pattern out of the eggs we were laying. Hmm, you know, I have a collection of those Hallow’s End wands taking up bank space …. *evil grin*

And finally, just one of those screenshots that I am so fond of taking … Grom, Daer, and Kaly just hanging out looking hot. 😉


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