Bite Me, Blood Princes

ICC 25

Last week I was too upset over Saturday night to post about ICC, so you got the Shadowcopter post instead. You see, for almost as long as I’ve been raiding, there’s been a joint 25 man PuG group with this other guild. It started with ToC25, and moved over to ICC once that came out and we had a couple weeks worth of 10 man gear. Recently, this other guild has grown rapidly, gaining most of the more experienced raiders from Crits as well as absorbing members from two or three other guilds who downsized/disbanded. Between that, and another guild pulling out of the 25 mans, they decided to discontinue the joint group and run a guild-only group.

That left quite a few people out in the cold, including the members of Crits who stayed in the guild as well as several of us from Apathy. Cael, bless his heart, took it upon himself to carry on with the group, so he and Lore and Hart talked it over and built an invite list out of the people that had been involved in the former group as well as members of our two guilds who hadn’t gotten to be in it.

We went in and pwned face in the Lower Spire. We had tanks who didn’t know each other and hadn’t worked together, DPS who had never even seen some of the fights, and yet we went in and had a great time and downed bosses. I think the most trouble we had was on Stinky … they pulled her very shortly after downing Princess, and all my stuff was on CD. So I ended up like this …

It almost looks like Karius and Lore are trying to hold hands. Hehe.

We got to Festergut, and before one of the attempts, I got disconnected. When I came back, I had the naked bug. Fiak, did you change your hairstyle again?

Looks like Lore has been working out.  ^.^

We didn’t get Fester down, but we had a lot of people learning the fight. We got close a couple times. Next week he’ll go down for sure.

ICC 10

Sunday we continued our ICC from Wednesday night. We had downed both Festergut AND Rotface on Wednesday, so we had an entire block of raid time devoted to bosses we hadn’t downed yet. Rather than work on Valithria, who we had spent some time on previously, we decided to go check out the Blood Princes. Everyone had been instructed to study the fight beforehand.

The trash on the way there is … challenging. It kinda reminded me of Magister’s Terrace….with some liches thrown in for good measure. Oh, and the lich here? He has an ability called, I kid you not .. “Lich Slap”. Seriously.

We worked on the princes for a bit with our warlock tanking Keleseth, but then his internet crapped out and he couldn’t come back. So our DK put on his tank set and we 3-tanked it. The hunter and I were having issues targeting the Kinetic Bombs to keep them from exploding. Eventually we found a macro (/targetexact Kinetic Bomb) that worked, and I also realized they were the big kinda white balls that float from the top, not the orange balls that are shot at people. (Duh, fail.) But we got that figured out, and Terra was doing so great at it, that I switched over to just doing dps and only helping out on them when he really needed it.

We got everything down to where we hit the enrage timer with something like a million health left on them, and figured if we had that last DPS spot filled, we could get them. Fortunately, another warlock who had run with us when we got Rotface down for the first time, was online and not saved, so he came in … and that’s about the time the trash respawned. LOL!

We were determined, though, so we re-cleared the trash and got ready to go at it again. It took about two or three more tries, but …

They even dropped the wand that I want!  The lock rolled 23 … I rolled 12. Hehe! Nice little prize for coming in and helping, because we weren’t going to down them without him, so I’m glad he won it. Now that we’ve downed them, I know I’ll have plenty of chances to get it myself. 🙂

Edit: Ooh! I almost forgot … check out the buffs in that screenshot. Notice there is NO ‘Strength of Wrynn’ there. Someone, we still aren’t sure who, apparently talked to Wrynn and  cancelled out the buff. So we beat them without it. 😀

Now, maybe next week we can actually heal that dragon …


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5 Responses to “Bite Me, Blood Princes”

  1. Lore Says:

    Actually… When we were 9-manning the Blood princes… we got them down to 400k health on the enrage… just a little clarification… and add salt to the wound…

  2. repgrind Says:

    Ahhh, I knew it was low but I couldn’t remember for sure how low.

  3. Gromdred Says:

    Awwww… You died holding hands. How sweet! 🙂

    blood princes are down, we’re coming for you arthas!!!

  4. Elnoriah Says:

    The Dreamwalker Encounter is by far one of my favorites in ICC. It’s actually a blast to Tank as opposed to a good chunk of the fights that just bored the hell out of me.

    I can’t wait to Heal/DPS those fights, it’s going to be pretty damn fun!

    Nice job on the kinetic bombs 😛

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