Slow weekend for raiding, so I got to spend some time on my alts.

Ragle did some questing in Zangarmarsh. I had 5 sanguine hibiscus hanging around in my bags from a couple runs in Underbog, but couldn’t get the quest to turn them in until I hit friendly with Sporeggar, so I spent some time on those quests. It worked out nicely, because the bog lords drop motes of life, and I needed four primals to craft a Zapthrottle Mote Extractor. Yes, I got his engineering up to Outland levels, finally, and got his shadowcopter built. 😀

Kerick got up to 51. I spent some time at 50 questing in prot spec so I could play around with Avenger’s Shield. Fun times. Then I dps’d Sunken Temple, and headed out to Chillwind Camp to do the first quest in WPL. I had to try out Holy Wrath on some undead, ya know? Good times.


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2 Responses to “Shadowcopter”

  1. Lajos Says:

    There’s the answer to your question “why do I need stupid motes of life for an extractor?”.

  2. Bite Me, Blood Princes « Reputation Grind Says:

    […] week I was too upset over Saturday night to post about ICC, so you got the Shadowcopter post instead. You see, for almost as long as I’ve been raiding, there’s been a joint 25 […]

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