Sarth & Omen: You Asked For It

Ok, time for a response post … fortunately, I have screenshots that I wasn’t sure what to do with, and recent remarks from a couple of friends pretty much ensured that they would get posted, so .. here we go!

First, as Lore mentioned in the comments section yesterday, he and Karius got into a pug for 25 OS3D on Sunday before our first ICC raid of the day. I think we raided that day from 12:30pm server to … well, my last one was ToC25 at 8 server, but he hit one more ToC25 after that, so … yeah, we’re nuts. :p

Unlike normal where he usually rolls something awesome like 4 (last night he lost a cloak on a roll of 4 vs. 5), Lore rolled 100 on the drake … but so did two other people. His number on the re-roll was more typical of his usual rolls. Oh well, at least we got our achievements and titles.

Second, as Lajos mentioned briefly in one of his posts this week, Kaly tanked Omen to help him complete his Elder title. Zarchius happened to be hanging out in Moonglade waiting for someone to kill Omen, also, so I gathered them both up along with Shalae and a random hunter who was in the area, and we went in for the kill. However, as Omen is drawing his last breath, I notice a poor little Tauren druidess who is flagged for pvp … and then see her go down under a missile barrage. Lajos, being the nice guy that he is … tries to blame Zarchius.

He should know by now .. I screenshot almost everything. I may not have one of him actually casting arcane missiles … and he can always claim that he turned his pvp flag on but didn’t actually attack anyone, and probably get away with not taking the blame … but that’s fine, either way, this shot proves that Zarchius didn’t do it. So there! :p

I’m taking the day off tomorrow to get some things done, so expect the next post on Friday. It will be a very special edition, don’t miss it!


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3 Responses to “Sarth & Omen: You Asked For It”

  1. lagalot Says:

    poor little tauren druidess?? more like future full-wrathful bouncing up and down on all your alt’s corpses spamming lifebloom monstrosity, assuming it wasn’t an alt of that rogue that ganked your dk repeatedly in hellfire

    red == dead

  2. repgrind Says:

    “full-wrathful bouncing up and down … spamming lifebloom monstrosity” … I know someone like that … and I’m very glad you’re not on the other team xD

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    […] it was not to be. I am subscribed to her blog, of course, and this morning, I get notified of this post. Ah, raid news. Yada, yada… and then, imagine my shock and dismay as I discovered that […]

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