So … our Saturday night ICC25 group got to the same place we usually get … Rotface. We made good progress on him this week. I think we had him down to around 1.3 million once or twice, but just couldn’t quite get there. Aaaaaaaaannd, then someone had to afk for 20 minutes again. So Selv and I put on our purple dresses and did our ‘die Rotface die!’ dance.

That dress makes it look like I have man-boobs. 😦

We never did get him down, but progress is progress. We’re getting closer. Oh, and I got this super sexy Greatcloak of the Turned Champion off of Saurfang, so that replaced one of the three 232 items I still had equipped.

Our 10 man group went back in Sunday afternoon. We’d killed everything up to Rotface on Wednesday evening, and worked on him until the trash respawned. So this was a good chance to start fresh right on him and be focused on the fight. We had a couple of tries that were soooooo close. Like 400k close. After a couple of hours though we were getting sloppy, so we took a five minute break to clear our heads. And when Lore and Hart call a five minute break, it’s a five minute break .. not a 20-30 minute break. We were clearing the ready check before the pizza timer had counted down all the way.

We had a couple more bad tries, a couple more decent tries, and then …

It was the first time any of us had downed him, so we were pretty excited. It wasn’t easy, and took a fair amount of luck … it’s not like we’re going to be able to walk in and one shot him next time. But just having done it once is worth all the hours and repair bills. Any of you reading this that were along on the kill, congrats and great job! Let’s do it again next week. 😀


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10 Responses to “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

  1. repgrind Says:

    What??? Purple is, like, Karius’ favourite colour. Heck, even in my avatar next to the comment, he’s wearing purple. He has a whole collection in his bank of purple robes. Looks like this has the makings of another blog post …

    Karius bought like, 3 dresses and never got the black one.

    Kaly bought one and got it on the first try.

  2. DarthRegis Says:

    1) Grats on the progress! Our guild hopped into ToC for the first time (with nine folk) and we finished off Northrend Beasts and Lord Jaraxxususmamsumss (?). I’m pretty stoked about that, too!

    2) I want that cape for my mage. *shakes fist*

    3) Nothing wrong with manboobs.

  3. repgrind Says:

    NRB is still hard … some noob DK got run over by the ugly monkey last night in 25 man … I’m still mad at myself today for it. >.>

    You like manboobs? o.O

  4. kaif01 Says:

    “NRB is still hard” – I think getting the beasts positioned right is the hardest part of the whole raid. Well, that and convincing hunters with a snobold to not run in circles behind the melee.

    I don’t think it will take us two hours on Rotface any more. It’s not that hard on ten man once you figure it out. It’s just key to get out of the middle and get cleansed as fast as possible once you get diseased so you can get heals (that debuff is a bitch). Oh, and the healers can’t stand in slime spray. I guess as melee dps I didn’t find it especially hard to do my job correctly there. The slime spray isn’t hard to avoid – some people run through – heck, I just strafe around him.

    Now that last fight we tried? I might have to respec combat for that – holy crap is that tiring. I didn’t have the raid wide focus needed for that. Definitely will take some practice to be more aware.

    However, “Yay, us!”

  5. DarthRegis Says:

    I don’t like manboobs. I just have a pair of my own and I wanted to feel better about myself.

    So, thanks.

    *shakes fist in your direction*

  6. DarthRegis Says:

    And speaking of NRB… It’s the stupid jerkwad worms that bother me most.

    We managed to dodge everything on our third attempt.

    Lord JarJarBinxus… he seemed chaotic. But I was tanking him so all I did was stand there, so I can only guess. 🙂

  7. repgrind Says:

    Hmm.. trying to remember … they let me tank ToC once last week, but I don’t recall whether I was on Jarraxus or on adds. Now one of the other DKs finished building his tank set and begs to tank all the time, so I duno if I will ever even get to do it again. Then again, after someone in an all-guild heroic last night tried to tell me how to tank while they were getting aggro from dpsing secondary targets, I’m not all that sure I want to do it and have to deal with idiots. One thing’s for sure .. I’m never tanking a heroic for her again.

  8. DarthRegis Says:

    Yeah, it’s one thing to offer helpful tips.

    It’s another thing to say “wtf lrn2tank, nub”. Which [far too] often warrants the reply, “lr2usekillorder” or “lrn2lettankpull”. It must feel a whole lot worse when it ends up being a guild mate.

    My poor druid has had a very rough time accumulating EoT’s (for offset stuff) because tanking in PuG’s is stressful. Whether it be the “gogogogogogogogo omfg go” mentality or the “hold aggro” nonsense. I’m sorry, but [my AoE threat] < [your single target 4.5k dps threat]. Try the kill order, or, lacking that – target off of me. Some dps monkeys just don't get it.

    But I digress…and obviously, I whine a lot, too. 🙂

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