Chasing Elders

Yeah, so … Love is in the Air? Heck, with the Lunar Festival starting yesterday, Love was thrown in the sidecar, bound and gagged, and unceremoniously dumped in the nearest body of water. Literally within five minutes of logging in, I was grouped up with Lajos and Nick. Before I even left Stormwind, Hartbane had joined us…although all he really wanted was a port to Darnassus. The life of a mage … sigh.

Lajos and Nick were already heading in to the Sunken Temple, so after sending Hart on his way, I accepted a summons to the Temple. I was a bit grouchy, as I hadn’t had my caffeine yet. It took longer to get from the summoning stone to the portal than it did to actually get to the Elder once we were inside. From there, we followed Hart’s lead and ported to Darnassus to work our way down Kalimdor.

 Paaradi was working on Elders too, so I got him invited to the group so we could all chat and laugh at each others’ deaths in Horde cities. Pro tip … bubble and slow fall are pure win for jumping off Thunder Bluff. Lessons learned …. Invis will NOT get you from the Valley of Wisdom to the Cleft of Shadow, but it will get you close enough to make a mad dash for Ragefire Chasm … and an achievement. Also, if you’re in the middle of working on Bloodsail Admiral, you will have a fun time trying to get into Everlook. (lol wtg Hart)

One other thing … riding a kodo will NOT fool everyone … but it’s worth a try. We did ride right through Camp Mojache.

Wheeee! Kodoboat races.

We finished off most of Kalimdor together, then I finished up Barrens, Mulgore and Thunder Bluff on my own. I hearthed to Light’s Hope and once again was dissed by the Baron, then Hart and Froggiee and I hit up some of the other old world dungeons. Then it was back to EPL … so with only Hinterlands, Silverpine, and Tirisfal left, I hit up the guild for an SFK holiday boss run. Still no pet.

Took a break after finishing the old world Elders to go to ICC on Kaly, and then it was back to business. Paaradi and I teamed up to start hitting the Elders in the Northrend dungeons, with the downtime as double dps in the queue spent with me following his dot on the map all over Northrend, which was complicated by a combination of Crusader aura and me stopping for every herb node. I finally caught up to him somewhere near the Bronze Dragonshrine.

At which point he dismounted his drake and … hearthed to Dalaran. Game over. LOL.


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8 Responses to “Chasing Elders”

  1. Lajos Says:

    “a bit grouchy”.

    Notice you don’t mention Nick and I after Sunken Temple, just a collective “we”. Notice we’re not in the screenshots.

    Ladies and gentleman, she killed and ate us!

  2. repgrind Says:

    I didn’t see myself in any of your screenshots today, either :p

  3. Lajos Says:

    You know, I noticed that. Why d’ya think that is?

  4. repgrind Says:

    Because you didn’t take any. Duh :p

  5. DarthRegis Says:

    I managed to get into Darnassus and Stormwind without incident.

    Ironforge was good until just after I got the Elder. I suppose the bold announcement of “Elders of the Alliance” probably didn’t help me.

    But w/e. Now I just need to get the Dungeon Elders and Northrend Elders. Time consuming, but should be no problem.

    I’m dreading Children’s week. 😛

  6. repgrind Says:

    Ah, but Rugrat Week has an extra incentive …. gief pet nao!

  7. DarthRegis Says:

    The tricky part about that “holiday” will be the PvP aspect. Capping flags and all that crap works out alright on my druid. Not so well on my mage. Cheetah form ftw!

  8. repgrind Says:

    Ugh. Yeah. On the plus side … I have enough guildies who’ll be doing it that we can travel in a pack and help each other get it all done. I suppose wearing full furious won’t hurt, either.

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