The Proof is in the Screenshots

Yesterday I told Bloodfrenzy that I had tanked Heroic HoS the night before. Now this is a rare occurrence when I bother to tank anything, so his response of “screenshot or it didn’t happen” was fair enough. I had no answer to this other than, well, I didn’t take any. So, Blood, this post is for you! You wants tanking screenshots, you’ll get tanking screenshots.

I mentioned in a comment yesterday over at Lin’s blog that the only time I really tank is when I’m running something with guildies and we really need one. Well, last night after running FoS and HoR with three guildies and a pugged tank, I talked them into doing just one more random before bed by switching to tank spec.  Heck, I had Lore healing and two 4k+ dps in Jaha and Merdrice, what could go wrong? I realized my mistake as soon as the loading screen for PoS appeared. >.<

I’m surprised the pug spriest didn’t just take the debuff and leave when the first thing I said was “ok how did I get talked into tanking?” and then proceeded to /cry. Jaha commenting on my 40k+ buffed health and me responding “yeah and that’s with 3 empty gem sockets” probably wasn’t the best for instilling confidence, either. LOL.

Well, I’ve got Lore on vent telling me it will be fine, and after all .. it’s not HoR. I’ve run it plenty of times as dps, including with Baltok tanking, so I know he can tell me if I’m screwing it up too bad.

Alright, off to the races. I face pull the first group … thank god for having three options for aoe aggro. One shot of glyphed howling blast and every skelly in range has a disease ticking. Moving along, downing the big guys … ok here’s the drake rider, pull him back so we don’t get the other one when it pats back.

The screenshots aren’t the best … we’ve already discussed how crappy my UI is, and I sure as hell wasn’t gonna alt-Z in the middle of tanking, so deal with it.

Garfrost was dead before I knew it. Heck, before I could even get a screenshot. Merd blew himself up with a Divine Storm on the geists down the hill before I had aggro on them, but that was the only death the whole dungeon.

Ick was confusing. I wasn’t sure whether I was supposed to stay in and beat on him or run around during the explosive mines part. So I ran around and hit him with IT to make sure I kept aggro up.

The hill of horrors wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected. Of course, Jaha is an expert at interrupting casts, and Merd marked one of the freezing circle dudes on each of the last two pulls and hit it with repentance. I’m tellin ya, never underestimate the value of good, intelligent dps. You guys really made my job a LOT easier, and without me even asking you to do it! Thank you!!

The gauntlet went … just fine. Again, the aoe aggro abilities really help a lot. Howling blast the first set, hit boiling blood a couple times on the way up as I run into more, get up close enough to the center to target the big dude, toss a howling blast, position everything on the pad and drop DnD. Boom, pow, it’s all on me. Just like that. Damn. Balt, I don’t know how the hell you do that on a warrior.

Tyrranus sucks. WTB hand of freedom. I kept getting on the frost patches that slowed my movement and couldn’t drag him out of the way of the dragon’s breath and ugh … I mean, we killed him just fine, but it was a frustrating fight for me. Oh well.

I must admit, I was pretty proud of myself. Nothing will build confidence like having a successful run in the second hardest dungeon in the game. Heck, there was only one death, and that one wasn’t even my fault.

Afterwards, Jaha and I were standing around, and he told me I’m short. I think he’s wrong, I think I’m just the right height. 😉


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