Sunwell is Still Hard

What? Don’t give me that look. It’s true! We went in there Monday night for Classic Raid Night. We had a near wipe on trash leading up to the first boss. Ok, it’s partly because someone got feared into nearby groups, and those groups ran into aoe before they could all be picked up, but still … I actually had to stop playing around with camera angles and cast some spells. Seriously, people, I’m not here to dps! :p

No one really knew what to do on Kalecgos. I got randomly thrown into the portal. The view from in there was eerie and kinda cool.

Of course, there were only 3 of us in there to see that view (and try to kill the demon with his 1M+ hitpoints) so you can guess how that ended. Then the fight bugged out on us. So we  came back … and he got facepulled while almost all of us were outside the circle … and we came back again … and it bugged out again. Finally we read the strat and got it figured out.

Then there was another boss, Brutallus … I actually have shots of Brutallus, but who wants to look at a huge pit lord butt? Yeah, that’s what I figured.

Felmyst … omfg Felmyst. He can go diaf. We spent so much time wiping on him that Jor and Lanta had to leave and go eat dinner. Ok, to be fair … I suppose if you go in there with a group of experienced raiders … but still … he’s hard, ok? Trust me on this. I think we spent an hour on him alone. I became intimately familiar with the route from the graveyard  back to his spot in the Dead Scar. Heck, even the screenshot has my corpse in the foreground. >.<

When we finally did beat him, someone accidentally got too far up the ramp and started the waves of the next event … so we couldn’t get rezzes and had to run back again. I had already decided I hated this place and was never coming back … but I also was determined to get my damn achievement so I wouldn’t *have* to come back.

On the plus side, the view on the ride back was pretty nice.

The Eredar twins were kinda fun. M’uru .. what’s the big deal? I have always heard about him and how hard he was and all that … I dunno, we had no problem with him at all. The fight was over so fast I never really got to see any of the mechanics of it.

By the time we got to Kil’Jaeden, we’d lost quite a few members of the raid, so we both pulled in a few more members from each of our guilds. The animation of K’J coming up out of the Sunwell is quite impressive.

I was glad to get this out of the way. It’s a beautiful instance and the fights were fun … if we’d gone in with experienced raiders and read about the fights ahead of time maybe it wouldn’t have seemed so hard. But it was still fun, just not the break from wipes that I have come to expect classic raid night to be. I’m quite serious about not wanting to go back, although, since Jor didn’t get to finish it, I’m pretty sure I could be convinced to go along just once more. After all, Kaly’s never been there … :p


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2 Responses to “Sunwell is Still Hard”

  1. Troutwort Says:

    Aside from Felmyst and us not understanding Kalecgos, the whole place really wasn’t that hard at all. Mu’ru and Kil’Jaeden and even twins were WAY easier than Felmyst.

    But yeah, classic raid night is never going to be Sunwell again.

  2. repgrind Says:

    Any idea what next week is going to be?

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