Or whatever you people call it. No, it’s not *actually* today … it’s Sunday. But I don’t post on weekends, weekends are for playing. And I need something to write about today, so here ya go.

So let’s take a trip to the past and read my first post. Wow, how things have changed.

Earthen Ring? Um .. well, I still have a few alts there. I think the highest one is level 31 though. I moved no less than 5 toons off the server. Those 5 are now spread across 3 other servers, and three of them are mostly abandoned.

Poor Junahu. She was my main. She was my first character. She will always be Tauren. I can’t bring myself to change her. There’s too much history there. She finally got to be my first raider … at least until her guild fell apart right around the time Ulduar  came out.  She moved to Dawnbringer to play with my friends and fellow bloggers at 4 The Horde.

I was, am, and always will be an altoholic. I may not be as bad as some people I know who have to use both hands to count their 80s. But .. well, I’ve hit the 50 toon limit once and had to go back and delete some. Let’s look at the various alts mentioned in the original post.

Twink hunter – I think she made 16 or maybe 18. Never got played again. Still has candy buffs from last year’s Love is in the Air.

Mage – Ah, Rozjin. I think at the time of the first post, he was level 6. By the time the guild on ER split up, he was 80 and was quickly becoming my main. Unfortunately, he never really got to raid. He did get to clear Naxx, but … with no cohesive guild to play with, pvp became his outlet. He was the first to move to Dawnbringer, and Juna followed.

Level 77 DK tank – Arelin, my first DK (of many to come). He eventually made 80, and off tanked Naxx once or twice. Yes, this is the DK of the infamous “show up to tank Naxx with a shiny new 2H mace and a 1 in your weapon skill” incident. He was left behind on ER, then moved to Drak’Tharon for the sole purpose of chatting with Arioch from clearcasting. I guess I need to actually log in there for that to happen though. Go figure.

40-something warrior – That would be Sanbec. Formerly a female undead, now home with me on Winterhoof. He’s made it to level 50, solely because I couldn’t level his enchanting any higher without leveling him. I SUCK at warrior, although since swapping to arms I’ve managed to have some fun with him.

40-something spriest – Ragle, the former belf. He also moved to Winterhoof, where he has risen to level 62 and gotten dual specced so he could have that super sexy penance. Of course, he’s used it more often standing around Dalaran than he has in actual instances but hey … I’m having fun making bubbles, leave me alone.

The 30 shaman and 20-something pally are still on ER, abandoned.

Kinda strange, huh? My main toons … heck, even my alts, except for the two above that faction transferred, didn’t even exist a year ago when the blog was started. I was a complete noob huntard who had never raided. Oh, and I was all about the Horde. No pretty boy nice guy Alliance for me, no way.

And now? My main is a human mage who is raiding the new content, and even made the jump last night to an actual raiding guild. Am I nervous about it? Yeah, a little. But I’m excited about it, too. My priorities in the game have changed. I’m far  beyond just dabbling in raiding .. I want to see everything.

I want to throw out a big thank you to several people. Fiak, who got me to try WoW in the first place, and has stuck by me through a couple server changes and a faction change. Euripedes, who was the inspiration for both playing a mage and starting a blog, and has helped me out with blogging questions from day one. Trout, because without his blog I would never have found my way to Winterhoof and Crits. The members of Crits, especially those of you who have been there through most of the raiding that we have done and have been good friends .. Cael and Fi, Selv, Bootee, Bloodfrenzy .. hey I’m still an altoholic and they’re all in Crits, we’ll still have fun together. And of course, my readers, because even though I ultimately write this blog for myself, as a sort of scrap book of my toons’ lives, knowing that other people actually read it encourages me to keep going with it.

Alright, the only thing missing from this post is a screenshot, preferably including naked dancing. So … here.


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