Herb Ninja

Scenario: You log in. You’re standing in Sholazar Basin, right on top of an herb. What do you do?

Duh, you pick it! And while you’re in the middle of harvesting it, the person who was already logged in and on their way to get it arrives and stands next to you. Oops! Scroll over them … and it’s your GM. Ohai Elgey!

How do you solve this issue? Duel! Apparently I have been raiding far too much, because I promptly forgot everything I’ve ever learned about pvp. Did I sheep him and spellsteal all his buffs,  then counterspell him once I had him down low enough that I could burst him in a GCD or two? Hell no. I popped all my cooldowns and blasted him with my 6k dps … duh, he’s a disc priest. He healed through all of it and penanced me to death. /sigh /fail

So, we kissed and made up and danced.

And then the herb respawned … so we ran over and this time I let him pick it. It was right on the bank of the Seabreach Flow, so we decided to take a swim. And then this crocolisk came along …

We exited the river on the opposite bank, and spied a dreadsaber attacking a longneck grazer. With a cry of ‘noooooooooooo’ from Elgar, we were off to its defense.

And then for fun we did another duel..naked. This time I remembered my pvp tactics. Unfortunately … when you’re naked and have 7k mana and no wand equipped, you’re kinda screwed once you’ve done the sheeping/spellstealing part and are now oom. I still won though. 😀

So, next time you grab that node from under another player’s nose, look first and be careful of who you’re ninja’ing … you could end up like this. :p

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14 Responses to “Herb Ninja”

  1. DarthRegis Says:

    Oh, I’ve ended up like that! In my youth, I found myself ended up naked in the jungle rather often…

    But I’m not yet ready to fully acknowledge those memories, just yet.

    *curls up in corner*
    *weeps gently*

  2. Pugnacious Priest Says:

    Male bonding in the jungle… looks like a bromance..

  3. Chawa Says:

    Elgar – saving Longneck Grazers, one at a time!

    I now am dreaming of penancing someone to death on my priest!

  4. repgrind Says:

    Sadly enough .. it’s not the first time I’ve been penanced to death.

    Hmm .. now I want to go out and try killing something in my healy spec.

  5. Troutwort Says:

    It was an amazingly good time. There needs to be more naked jungle times.

  6. repgrind Says:

    Karius would be happy to get naked with Elgar any time. :p

  7. Troutwort Says:

    OMG!!! I totally forgot about this!!

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  9. Troutwort Says:

    This story never gets old.

  10. repgrind Says:

    I know right? It’s probably my favorite post ever.

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  12. Troutwort Says:

    We look hot as humans too! Meet me tonight for some naked pole dancing?

  13. repgrind Says:

    You bet!

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