Dear Serenity

You should be nerfed. For real.

Kalyon looks up Serenity’s dress. Nope no panties.


Ok, so some people have complained that there are too many naked guys around here. So I have a rare treat for you today.

I’ve mentioned before that Crits has two awesome bear tanks. It’s really fun, because they’re complete opposites .. one is talkative, leads the raids, and can often be seen dancing naked or in one of her special outfits before the raid starts. The other doesn’t talk on vent at all, only types when something really needs to be said, and occasionally has to be summoned to the instance at the last minute because he’s off saving Auberdine or Southshore from the Horde. Rocket bare? You bet! Dance naked? Never. So here he is, courtesy of Karius getting the naked bug (again).

As a bonus, you even get the paladin in the corner there. And the hot death knight for me to look at. What, you didn’t think I could go without at least one sexy dude for myself, did ya? :p


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One Response to “Dear Serenity”

  1. DarthRegis Says:

    You do realize that the only reason that we blow up Southshore is to get vengeance on the guards that kill us when we quest there. We have a few quests that get us just too close and then guard gankage.

    So, really, Southshore deserves it.

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