Beware the Full Moon

You know that old saying, that strange things happen when there’s a full moon? Well, it’s true … and it has nothing to do with Arugal, or Gilneas, or the Scythe of Elune.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s go back to Kaly’s ICC run last week with Apathy. They decided to continue the run on … I think it was Friday. Yeah, dates on the screenshots say Friday. Anyway, we made a couple of small changes and after banging our heads against Saurfang a few times, we finally beat him! Yay!!

As we head into the Upper Spire, I get dc’ed, and come back to find that I have the naked bug. Naturally, I announced this fact to the raid … I probably included a ‘yay’ or ‘hooray’ in there as well. Aldar stands up and starts dancing, I take screenshots, and then .. I swear to god I’m not making this up, I wish I’d screenshotted the conversation .. I said ‘you’re probably just trying to get posted on the blog, aren’t you?’ and he said yes. LOL.

Some people just have a hard time standing still. Hey Baltok, your horns are showing.

Somehow I did manage to get him standing still at least once, though. Maybe this was one of the multiple times over the weekend when he mysteriously disconnected. (Happened to me all weekend too, and we both have DSL … hmmmm.)

Ok, that’s enough naked shots for today. On to the strange things part … because Kaly changing guilds to wear pink definitely falls under strange.

So, I got pestered most of the weekend by my friends in Apathy … ‘when are you gonna join the guild?’ … and I’d laugh. Until they redesigned the tabard for February. I *had* to see Kaly in one of these. Oh, and Baltok, too. I talked him into putting one on for 30 seconds, and also promised I wouldn’t post a screenshot. But … well, come on, even though it’s night and the shot is kinda dark, he looks so pretty in pink, I just have to share it. :p


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