Hello, Ghoul

Short post today to clean up some items I have leftover in my inbox that need to be posted.

Kaly went ahead with his respec last night. Although I still miss the original ghoul voices, it was great to have my own permanent buddy with me again.

Did a random with no gem in the sword, the wrong trinkets, and the wrong glyphs … still topped the damage, but wasn’t all that impressed. Afterwards, I …well, afterwards I ran around on the priest for a couple levels … but *afterwards* afterwards, I bought some glyphs and cut a gem and got him mostly fixed up.

So Lajos logs on and we have plans to go farm for the Baron’s mount, when Lore whispers that they’re going to do the weekly. Kaly hadn’t done it yet, and it doesn’t take long, at least not on 10 man, so I went to do that first. Then he’s like ‘oh by the way, you’re tanking’ … wha?? LOL. Oh well, it’s only trash leading up to Razuvious. So that went fine.

Ok, NOW I’m free … but wait! ‘Wanna go to 10 man Uldy?’ Uhh….can Lajos go too? Score. Rivendare isn’t going anywhere. What better place to test out my new spec than Ulduar? So we went and had a GREAT time. FL with 3 towers up? Yeah baby. That was a first for me. Kaly had actually never been to Uld, other than one weekly raid quest to kill Razor, so I had a fun time doing the fights as melee. Lajos was sufficiently blown away, especially by his first time seeing Kologarn pop up out of the abyss. Good times. Lore, stop apologizing for the “terrible uldy10 run” … it was anything but terrible! Goof :p

Oh, the dps? Yeah, it was fine. The twin Lion’s Maws will get a permanent home in my bank because they look so damn cool as a matched set, but likely won’t be used again.

Odds N Ends

Ragle uses Lajos as a test subject for his shiny new (BUBBLES!!!) penance.

Karius sleeps with a tree.

Hmm…we need some dancing to close out the week. /nod

How about Kaly and Lajos making good use of some Noggenfoggers?

Alright, I’m out. See ya Monday đŸ˜‰


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8 Responses to “Hello, Ghoul”

  1. Lajos Says:

    Hmmmppph… and I thought I was the ghoul of your dreams.

    Good times last night. Ulduar was a blast, even if I never did really figure out what the hell I was supposed to be doing with that Liquid Pyrite. Lore has nothing to apologize for, especially since it wasn’t Ulduar-10-man, it was Ulduar-9+a spare.

  2. repgrind Says:

    Wait .. is that … is that my horse in your avatar??

    You’re evil :p

  3. Lajos Says:

    Well… you knew that already.

    Look at it as a motivational aid. What else are friends for?

  4. For The Pie Says:

    You still don’t have that horse?

    Sheesh I thought everyone had that horse now.

  5. Lajos Says:

    I ninja-ed it from her. I’m so good, I ninja-ed it when she wasn’t even in the instance.

  6. repgrind Says:

    Actually, if it was on Thanksgiving …. I probably WAS in the instance… or at least my own version of it. I spent that week (with the rep bonuses from eating at the tables) rotating between Strat runs on Kaly and finishing off Karius’ city reps for Ambassador.

  7. Lajos Says:

    Yes. I even defy the boundaries of instances, when it comes to the ninja.

  8. Running Ulduar 9 + a spare « The Grumpy Mage Says:

    […] to leave work at a decent hour, and upon arrival at the Cave, hopped on WoW. As related over on Reputation Grind, Kaly was being respecced, and then Karius and Lajos were going to go pillage Strat, spit in the […]

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