Borka Hits 80!

Yeah, I know … Borka isn’t even my toon. But since Trout is too busy these days to update his own blog, someone’s gotta brag for him. Ok, I must admit, if my work suddenly blocked WordPress, you probably would see the same thing happen to this blog. Home time is play time.

Borka was the very first toon from the guild that I met ‘face to face’ … way back when Kaly was a fresh (female draenei) DK just out of Acherus. It’s about time he caught up to me! I think he’s Trout’s fifth 80 … *counts on fingers* … yeah.

I had promised to do a few runs of regular ToC once he hit 80, just like we did for Rossini, so late night Thursday after he dinged we gathered together a crew and headed in for some fun. We had Kaly tanking and Cael healing and Lajos pew pewing, and … yeah, with that group, you can guess how that ended up, right?

Oh, it degenerated even farther from there, of course.

This next one is not actually about Borka, but it’s still ToC, or actually HToC, so I figured it was close enough to post here. This was Saturday when we queued for a random … so afterwards, Solarios, Nickolas, Kaly, and Lajos had a(nother) naked dance party. Looks like someone needs more bag space. *points at Lajos*

Ok, Trout … you’ve caught up to me with five, and you’ve got a 71 waiting. I better get to work! Maybe I should go back to DB and finish Ditzul …. nah. Kerick only has 36 levels to go and people pressuring him to tank for them. I bet I get another one to 80 before you do. :p


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4 Responses to “Borka Hits 80!”

  1. Lajos Says:

    Meh… between carrying around my PvP gear (one never knows when one will find oneself in Wintergrasp) and the assorted engineering goodies (Wormhole Generator, Everlook ‘port, Area 52 ‘port, bombs, seaforium charges, scrapbots, MOLL-E, etc.) and the plethora of buff food, pots, fishing gear, etc. that I carry that leaves about one bag free. Help me get the plans for Jeeves, so I can keep the stuff in my bank.

  2. repgrind Says:

    Help you how? Have you seen the drop rate on that thing??? Get me Deathcharger’s Reins and we’ll talk … til then, have fun farming :p

  3. Lajos Says:

    Don’t hate me ’cause my mount is beautiful.

    Meh, I haven’t been spending enough time in Storm Peaks lately. It’ll give me something to do between BGs and randoms.

  4. A Weekend of Friends « Reputation Grind Says:

    […] not the actual toon. He’s infamous for deleting and rerolling his max-level toons, and poor Solarios was no […]

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