Fester No More

Saturday night, ICC25. Unlike last week, where we got to the Plagueworks late and only had time for a handful of tries, this week, we steamrolled through the Lower Spire and had plenty of time to spend on Festergut. We never got him down, but we made great progress on learning the fight … next week his number is up.

Sunday afternoon, ICC10. THIS WEEK, we brought the A-team … or at least, *an* A-team … there are others in the guild equally able to compete at the top who ran earlier in the week or are busy doing other things. *pulls Ado away from Star Trek Online*

Lower Spire? One-shotted the entire thing. Stupid Saurfang who I hate with a passion and hope he has to suffer for eternity with a blood beast chewing on him and no way to escape? He never got a Mark out.

NEVER      GOT       A     MARK     OUT

So we proceed to the Plagueworks, with no rogue, and I promptly blink through the first fog wall, and then blink INTO the next two and kill myself twice. I literally had tears rolling out of the corners of my eyes, I was laughing so hard.

Clear the trash, and we’re pretty excited to be getting to Plagueworks with time to spare. We hadn’t tried Festergut on 10 man before. We’d put in two or three tries on Rotface the one previous time we’d made it this far. Several of us, though, run in the 25 man on Saturday nights, so we had the fight fresh in our minds.

We totally destroyed him. We downed him in four minutes … the enrage timer is five minutes. Yeah, that’s right … we had a FULL MINUTE to spare.

He hasn’t literally hit the ground yet, but if you click for the larger screenshot, you’ll see DBM in the chat window saying Festergut down after 4 minutes.

We moved on to Rotface and spent an ungodly amount of time afk to read up on the fight. We did get some quality attempts in on him though. As long as we can keep the same/a similar team together next week, I have a feeling his days are numbered as well.

I respecced slightly before this week’s raids … I took points out of Arcane Stability to get the extra range from Magic Attunement. I think it did make a difference in kiting blood beasts. I didn’t really notice any issues from lack of pushback resistance, other than on very aoe-heavy fights like the last two trash mobs before Deathwhisper, and Stinky.

Sorry, there was no dancing. But there must be a screenshot of dancing, so here …

That’s Jumron and Kroy dancing with Leareth and Mydge after downing Arcanist Doan in the Library.


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4 Responses to “Fester No More”

  1. repgrind Says:

    I wouldn’t dream of not having slow. Karius has had slow in every arcane build he’s ever had.

    *makes a side trip to the armory*

    Most of my friends have skipped it though. Oh well.

    We had two DKs in the 10 man we did Saturday, so we had chains thrown on two of them every time. This one time, omg I wish I had a video of it, we both turned and chained them at the same time, almost as if it was choreographed. Kaly and Lokoz work well together *nod*

  2. repgrind Says:

    But but but …. if I get rid of it, I’ll need it.
    Yeah, to be quite honest, even on Saurfang I rarely need it … but still!! It’s mine!!! Leave it alone!!!! :p

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