Random Action

Just a few random screenshots and notes today.

I get DTK as my random quite often. However, I am not complaining. I’m still a bit disappointed that they nerfed Tharon’ja though. I love the skelly fight.

During the fun visit to OK the other night that Lajos has already written about, the lock pulled out this infernal while we were eating our fish feast after my now-infamous “We can do this!” (wipe) moment.

I mentioned earlier that Ragle had hit 60 and gotten some fun new spells (penance wewt) and also his bird. Shadow gryphon ftw!

I also¬†mentioned that Kerick is waiting on some friends to catch up so he can dungeon with them. Well, last night they were 35, and Kroy is up to 31, so I said “hey, let’s queue for some SM.” Jumron wasn’t on, but Lokoz was, so I twisted his arm a little bit and got him to come heal on his druid Yiin. We got some tank from LFD (they must’ve been ok, but unremarkable, because I don’t even remember them) and cruised through there. You know what happens at the end, right? Right?? You got it! Dance partay

Shake it, baby

P.S. Lokoz, you know those screenshots I was gonna look for? Yeah, it was late and, well … I kinda forgot. So tomorrow, you get a post that’s just about you. Oh .. wow … would you look at that. I didn’t think your head could get any bigger! That’s pretty amazing :p

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