Where’s My Loot?

Here’s another one for the growing list of LFD stories out there. I sign up to do Kalyon’s daily random. He gets UK. The rest of the group is a disc priest from the top Alliance progression guild on my own server, an enhance shammy from another raiding guild on my server, a demo lock in quest blues and greens, and a bear tank with 37k health. The bear sets a comfortable pace, not one of these ‘zomg we must finish the dungeon now Now NOw NOW’ races. As you would expect, everything dies quickly and the run is very smooth…except right after the last trash pull, the priest puts in a vote to kick the lock. Say what?! Ok, the dude is doing 900 dps .. but he’s not doing anything stupid and the shammy and I are ICC capable and killing stuff so fast the lock is lucky to get *any* dps in at all. Naturally, I vote no. Ingvar dies, the lock gets a nice purple Annhylde’s Ring. Score one for us nice guys (or girls).

Stupid Orc!

So, we cleared out the first wing of ICC last night. Saurfang is still a (censored) and it took a healthy number of wipes before we got him down. But something bugged out when he went down … and his box remained unlootable, even though we got credit for the kill and several people in the raid got their achievements. Not cool, man, not cool. No idea what’s going to happen on that. Has anyone else had this problem?

Oh well. We killed a couple trash mobs in the new section then called it because it was midnight. I had 97 Emblems of Frost so I plopped myself down in front of the tier armor vendor in Dalaran and asked the guild “So, should I get the robe, or the shoulders? I’m leaning towards the robe but can’t decide.”

One response I get is “Well, I would look at the loot tables and make sure there’s not a robe that drops in the first wing blah blah blah ….” yeah hon. I’ve already done that. I want them both. Trust me.

Another guy, a mage as well, pipes up “I don’t think the tier bonus is all that great and I’m going with the non-set stuff. I think you should get the belt because it is just about best in slot blah blah blah ….” ok, he’s a different spec than I am so maybe he doesn’t care about the bonuses. Actually, to be quite honest, I haven’t really looked that closely at them. Also, I do 25 mans. Trophies to upgrade my tier set are a distinct possibility in my future. Plus .. have you SEEN the mage T10 armor? Like, tried it all on?? OMG! Karius looks sooo hot in it. Hey, I *am* a girl … how the armor looks is important mmkay?

So, I did what any sensible person would do. I tabbed out to the armory and looked up that supermage that always blows me away on the meters. It’s kinda like those old bracelets. WWFD? F is wearing … well, would ya look at that. T10 robe … +10 stats .. reckless ametrine .. purified dreadstone. Done. No pic because I was lazy and didn’t take one. Deal with it.

*edit – Guild dance party on the south bank steps added in just for Pie’s viewing pleasure. That is all.


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9 Responses to “Where’s My Loot?”

  1. For The Pie Says:

    This is my favorite post because it contains no pics of humans. That is all.

    Grats on the upgrades.

  2. repgrind Says:


  3. For The Pie Says:

    HATE. YOU.

  4. repgrind Says:

  5. sylus Says:

    Thanks for the pics. If I hadn’t seen a pic, I’m too lazy to read,lol. Just kidding. I may not comment, and may just rarely post on my own blogs, but I’m a reader! A big hairy troll reader. Not a human reader. Humans are for the birds.

  6. Azryu Says:

    I really don’t think anyone who wouldn’t want the tier bonuses is a good person to be taking mage tips from xD

  7. repgrind Says:

    Screw crit. I’ve got my arcane blast down to a 1.94s cast time or something yummy like that. Throw on the black magic proc, add in the spellpower from the spy glass proc … sexy. Even more haste on top of that ??? sexy doesn’t even begin to cover it.

  8. Elnoriah Says:

    Is it- ELMAGNIFICO-Sexerifico Bearifico of Deliciousico? As in the degree of sex of Haste.

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