You Want Me To Tank WHAT?!

So, in the last few days I’ve been talking a lot with Lajos. Yes, imagine that, another mage blogger from my server .. that’s like FOUR now! He has his own little guild, but they only have a full group of five on weekends when their tank-in-training is available. I offered to tank for them if he could get the foursome together, so we made plans to hit up some dungeons last night.

He’s the good looking one. No, wait .. that’s me. He’s the one in the robe. ūüėČ

Now, he had explained to me beforehand that they are casual, and I had browsed the armory during the day at work, so I knew what I was in for.¬† He’s in pvp epics, they’re in quest blues and greens, maybe a rep piece or two … you know, the type of gear you have on when you first ding 80.

He said they don’t like to PuG, and¬†I can certainly understand that. I never did PuG before the new LFD, and even now, I only PuG as DPS (not counting my new disc priest experiment and that one time the DK¬†tanked OK, but I had Trout’s lock with me so I wasn’t completely alone).¬† I can just imagine the kinds of reactions they would get if they tried to PuG a tank, especially¬†with the¬†pull-all-of-this-dungeon-and-half-of-the-next¬†mentality that is so rampant lately. Also, both of the shaman were healing. As Lajos put it so eloquently in a tell, “Did I mention that we are casual?” heh

So we started out queueing specifically for Violet Hold, in the hopes of getting him a Mark of the War Prisoner. With double heals, it basically amounts to four-manning it. Now, there has been a lot of discussion lately about how much dps¬†a person at this gear level¬†should be able to do in heroics. I’m pretty much in agreement with the conclusion that 1500-1700 is acceptable. Our dps are putting out 1700-2100 … certainly adequate for heroics. So anyone who would kick them from a group can just shove it.

Arioch really hit the nail on the head with her post about how this is, after all, a game.¬† And you know what? We had a BLAST! Yeah, we wiped once in VH. But we came back and beat it and people got upgrades! We queued for a random afterwards and got UP … Skadi can go jump off the Temple of Storms without slow fall. That fight is hard, especially when the noob tank has trouble picking them all up and the dps is too low to kill the ones that are out before the next ones spawn.

So we said you know what? We’ll come back after some upgrades and try this one again. Let’s requeue for another. So we did. And got Oculus. Now, I’ve been blowing through Oculus lately. When your main does 4k+ in 5 mans, you don’t really have to think about fights like, say, Mage-Lord Urom. You just blow the fucker up. When the total dps of your group as a whole is 4k? Yeah .. I need to read up on the strategy for that. We did fine up to him. But that frostbomb crap …¬† failtank fails at failkiting. We’ll get him next time.

¬†And there WILL be a next time. Everyone had fun, and each one whispered me as we were heading off, and…get this … THANKED ME. And not just a little ‘ty’ but actual full sentences of honest gratitude, complete with smilies! I’m pretty sure I made some new friends last night. And that, dear readers, is what the game is all about.

P.S. Dear Lajos – remember when I said “screw thoughtful commentary, my blog is all about the screenshots” ? It wasn’t really a lie, exactly … I just couldn’t post the screenies without the reason for them existing in the first place. You’re just lucky I was too busy tanking¬† when I had the naked bug to get any shots of you in your boxers. *grin*


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18 Responses to “You Want Me To Tank WHAT?!”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    It sounds like you guys had a blast! I remember when heroics were difficult and frankly they were more fun then. Keep having fun!!


  2. repgrind Says:

    We did! And another thing … you learn a lot more about tanking when it requires actual tactics be used to make it successful, rather than just standing in front of the boss for 30 seconds while the T9 geared dps blow all their cooldowns and stroke their e-peens….not that I’ve ever done that of course >.> (goes and hides the screenie of the 10k dps on Time-Lord Epoch in CoS)

    Of course, it also means that I obviously have lots to work on … but I’d rather learn this way with a group of friends who are learning and having fun along with me!

  3. koalabear21 Says:

    I still say the most fun I had in heroics recently was when we did heroic Nexus with a DK who had no tanking gear. She had a tanking spec, but no gear. I used my voidwalker and we had 2 healers. All of my guildies agreed that we had the most fun in that instance.

    What battlegroup are you in?

  4. repgrind Says:

    Whirlwind battlegroup, Winterhoof server.

    That does sound like fun! It’s always better when things are a bit of a challenge. Like, say, 3 manning BRD the other night at level 52. Good times!

  5. For The Pie Says:

    I ran Occulus on my hunter after the nerf but before the latest change for extra stuffs. I swear the tank didn’t move the mage boss at all. I remember the first time when we wiped over and over again, until we realized the tank was moving backward to fast and had to switch to walking backward. Yeah, it was pretty boring to have the mage boss teleport to the center once and die before the speech ended once back with us.

  6. Vikt Says:

    Definitely when you get overgeared you start to sleepwalk through much of the content (like the now-weekly raids), but when you’re faced with situations where you can’t just make something spontaneously combust you have to dig a little deep and utilize your class.

    Had a PoS run last night with a few undergeared people and died 4 times before getting to Tyrannus, and when we did kill him only 2 of us were up with less than 10k hps. Those are the kind of instances that you remember – you know, where you sacrificed your pet so many times for health you felt like Michael Vick.

  7. repgrind Says:

    @Pie – on one of our attempts, I dunno if I moved him too fast or what, but he actually reset on us. We were doing pretty good on that try, too, and I thought we were gonna get him down. I think if we’d had the time for a couple more tries, we actually would have gotten him … but it was late and most of us had to work this morning. Do you remember if I have to keep him moving constantly?

  8. For The Pie Says:

    Move him constantly to keep your melee out of the frost things. when he teleports, everyone huddles behind the stone things. It can be hell on the melee if they are with you when you ports back, so preemptively drop a death and decay. I found switching to walking, was the best way not to run back into the frost things on the other side of the circle, gives your dps time to stop and dps some (think casters and hunters…) and your healer time to use more than instants. All your casters and such should be behind you and back up to keep distance. Outside of that, pretty easy.

    Getting the tanking bug again. May have to swap specs on the pally.

  9. repgrind Says:

    Yeah, we got turned around on one of the teleports and were standing back the way we had come from instead of continuing the circle in the same direction. Oopsie. Oh well. Using army doesn’t help, either, because then he stands still and is distracted by them … although it might be a good tactic if you need some time to regroup behind the frost stuff and get healed up.

  10. Shawndra Says:

    I have been running the random dungeons a lot lately. I found that I had more fun healing when I grouped with my guildie(the best pally tank EVER), and his two roomies, then when I got totally random group members. Why? Because I am appreciated for the healing I do, and they are great players with terrific attitudes. I haven’t been on my main server for a few days due to some tinkering with an alliance twink, and I miss them! Random dungeons are fun for a while (except for last nights ugly level 20ish rogue in WC, you can lick the floor a little longer), but running with friendly people is best.

  11. Chawa Says:

    What? A post that’s not about a bad LFD dungeon experience? What? A post that’s not complaining about “poor” DPS? What is this world (of warcraft) coming too?

    More seriously – GREAT POST! It’s nice to hear about helping others get upgrades and keeping a positive attitude after a wipe! Very nice indeed!

  12. For The Pie Says:

    As a tank, I’d like to know the healer just because I figure I know the limits which I can push the pulls with a known healer. Last night my Spriest was in Halls of stone with a bear tank who pulled like they stole something. That 3 group of mobs before you go to the hallway for the Wrath version of Maiden of Virtue? Pulled them all together. ALL 9. at the same time.

    Lived, but the holy pally was not happy. Pulled the yellow maiden with me at low mana, no huge deal but seriously why… Oh wait, I only look at the healer mana too when tanking. Except boss fights, then I let everyone tank up. Rage can be built on a boss.

  13. repgrind Says:

    @Shawndra – lol @ lick the floor … hm, now I want to get on my rogue and run WC again. Too many alts, too little time. /sigh

    @Pie – been there, done that. haha. Our guild’s main tanks are both bears, and I have been in HoS with one of them tanking before. Don’t get me wrong, it was an all-guild group so we knew each others’ capabilities…but if I didn’t know where my evocate button was before the run, I sure as hell knew where it was by the time we got to the first boss. xD

  14. Lajos Says:

    lol… well, to be fair, the second shammy is sorta an “off-healer” and “off-DPS”. We’ve not had a decent tank for so long, we’ve needed the extra healing.

  15. repgrind Says:

    What, you actually think you have a decent tank now? Boy have I got you fooled. haha!

  16. Lajos Says:

    Tanking is as tanking does ūüėõ

  17. Vyraal Says:

    I know what ya mean about having to look at strats for bossed. The first time I tried Oculus was before randoms. It was me as a pally healer and 4 people I trusted. It was the fist time for every one so needless to say noone knew the fights. Having to run the mage around the circle, watching out for the lazer. Took a grand total of 4 hours to complete the whole instance but it was some of the most fun I’ve had.

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