Shield Spam

Well, I did it. I healed a dungeon. But wait … let’s go back to Monday’s Classic Raid Night first, shall we?

Ohai Raggy! I’m just gonna smack you with my sword a few times, mmkay?

Seriously, I spent the entire run meleeing, and I still didn’t max out my sword skill. le sigh. I didn’t melee in the next place we went, though. Yeah, check this out … I FINALLY got it. I shall hereafter be known as “Karius, Champion of the Longass Titles”

Ok, back to last night. I logged on and did my randoms, and somewhere between Bronjahm and the Devourer of Souls, the dreaded ‘server shutdown in 15 minutes’ message popped up. Meh, well, I *have* been putting in a small amount of time on my hunter lately anyway, so  i hopped on over to Dawnbringer and did a random on her.

Right about the time I’m getting out of there, Trout logs on his little level 30 lock Teufel. Woohoo! So I log over to my 28 paladin and we queue for a dungeon. For some reason it wouldn’t let us queue for a random … so I simply chose RFK and away we went. No, not quite … we sat in queue for long enough that I briefly considered changing to tank.

But eventually it popped and we had a good time going through there. The hunter was a new player and didn’t know a lot, so we helped him out with advice on getting gear with agility, and weapons he could use, etc. He walked out of there with a TON of nice upgrades that he wouldn’t have bothered rolling on otherwise, so it all worked out quite well.

Oh, and I got a nice screenshot of us… I have to post some belfs once in awhile to make sure Arioch keeps coming to visit.

Ok … NOW … on to healing. The queue actually took about the same amount of time as it did when I queued strictly as shadow. I guess there just aren’t that many peeps wanting to run BRD. But eventually I got in .. we appear at the entrance, buff up, and one of the dps leaves before we even pull. lol? So we grab another and away we go.

The first part of the dungeon … boring. I was whispering a buddy saying yeah, I throw on a shield, maybe a renew, wait for the tank to lose a thousand health and then hit him with a flash heal. I have time to drink some dew or eat some doritos after the shield part though. We get the boss down that we need to officially complete the random, and elect to continue. Heck, why not? It’s good xp and we have a competent group.

At the Shrine of Thaurissan, I turn in my Ironfel and get my very own Shadowforge key. Huzzah! Then .. we get to that first exit to Shadowforge City itself … you know, right before the vault.  I’ve wiped here so many times. That first pull there is always tricky, between runners and the flame elemental that pats. Well, runners pull a second group, I’m flailing around trying to keep heals on the tank and shield myself (forgot about pain suppression doh) … I’m being beat on, tank’s health is going down, I’m frantically spamming stuff on him .. and then I can’t move. I’m like WTF! He’s gonna .. ah crap, he’s dead!! and I still can’t … wait what’s this funny looking bubble, and my skills are all grayed out … oh. Wow. I’ve been DI’ed! I’ve never been DI’ed before. How freaking cool is that.

Yeah, the pally tank in his heirloom shoulders, he knew what he was doing. I waited for the pat to go away then clicked it off and started rezzing. The boomkin left the party while I was still DI’ed, and the shaman dc’ed shortly after I rezzed him … but the tank and the fury warrior elected to continue. So we 3 manned! We went up to kill the builder dude that drops Ironfel for the quest, went back to the vault and were two keys short, so we returned to the Shrine so the tank could get his key and we found some mobs along the way to kill and get a couple more keys. Opened the rest of the vault, got the Heart of the Mountain for the quest, and cleared *almost* to the Grim Guzzler before the warrior had to bow out and we called it a night.

Here ya go, action shot taken shortly before the end.

So, I got two levels and a ton of experience (not just the kind that gives you levels). Three manning BRD is kind of a crazy way to get broken in on healing, but I had a blast!


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14 Responses to “Shield Spam”

  1. For The Pie Says:

    /brd ony attunement questline for alliance flashback


    In fact, I don’t think my hunter is actually done with it.

  2. repgrind Says:

    I totally was thinking about you when I was taking the screenies, too. I gotta do something once in awhile to make up for all the gnaked gnomes I’ve posted.

  3. Lajos Says:

    Man, I wish that Bliz would go back, and beef up the rewards on some of those classic quest-lines to make it worth doing them. They should make the rewards heirloom items, that scale with the toon.

  4. repgrind Says:

    Some of those would be worth doing just to experience the lore. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

    Cataclysm will change probably most of the old questlines and quest rewards. I missed out on a lot of classic stuff already (like that Ony attunement questline, and getting my Hand of A’dal title that I really wanted but .. well, I was a nub and would never have been able to raid TBC) … there are probably things NOW that I should do before Cata … at least I can say I’ve leveled toons to 80 on both factions, I guess that’s a start.

  5. Lajos Says:

    Yeah, I’ve done a few of them, but something like the whole Chromatic Carapace questline is brutal

  6. repgrind Says:

    I don’t even know what’s involved in the Ony attunement line. Didn’t they remove it? I missed out on so much … TBC was in full swing when I first started playing. I think sunwell was even out.

    Off to wiki Chromatic Carapace. brb

  7. Lajos Says:

    heh heh… you run UBRS to get the Jenkins achievement, then you go on from there. You talk to a dying azure dragonling, who gives you a message. Then you go in an arena, and fight wave after wave of chromatic whelps. Along the way, you pick up a chromatic dragon scale.

    You take the message for the azure dragonling to Winterspring, and are then thrown – not teleported, THROWN – to Western Plaguelands to look up the guy who can start you on the questline for the Breastplate of the Chromatic Flight ( ) My bad, the Chromatic Carapace is one of the many components you need to collect to make the Breastplate.

  8. repgrind Says:

    You know … I don’t think … hell, let me go look. Yeah, neither one of my Alliance toons has the Jenkins achievement. :\

  9. Lajos Says:

    We need to remedy that. We did multiple runs last week, to get every guildie we could that achievement before the place blows up.

  10. repgrind Says:

    Haha. Sounds like a plan. I’m always up for more achievements! But it won’t be replacing Champion of the Longass Titles .. I’ve been wanting that one since … well, last January at least. lol

  11. repgrind Says:

    Ooh, that sounds like fun. I wanna be thrown across the ocean, too!

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