Dancing in the New Year

Along with lots of raiding, I managed to get in plenty of dancing over the weekend as well. What better way to start off the new year? Especially when dancing with friends.

The Horde Dance

Saturday morning I woke and thought ‘you know what? I miss my hunter.’ So I logged on over at Dawnbringer and lo and behold, Sylus was online. Like, WTF dude!? Whazzup?? Turns out he’d just redone his tank spec and was looking to try it out, so we queued up for a random. Hey look, we’re human! It felt just like being on Winterhoof.

Now .. I haven’t played the hunter in like .. four months? Five maybe? Even longer than that since I played her seriously. Thank god we got two overgeared DPS because mine was not quite up to 2k.

Sy made me take an after screenie as well. Man, that is one ugly orc. Juna’s a pretty good looking cow though, don’tcha think?

The Skelly Dance

Yeah, that’s right … you know it’s the best dance in the game.

Of course, Kaly and Blood also did some dps’ing as skellies.

Blood even went along on a ToC25 raid over the weekend. Good times.

(Note the Greatest Priest Ever in the foreground of the dungeon shot)

The Nekkid Dance

Don’t look at me that way. I know you’ve come to expect this here.

So what happens when it’s like, 2am and you’re done raiding for the night and four of you go do a random? Sillyness, that’s what. Like, the lock saying they can’t go because their new slippers aren’t gemmed or enchanted and they sold the old ones already. So we say ‘it’s a heroic, you don’t need them. heck you don’t even need to wear shoes’ … so we all take off our boots and go without them to Gundrak.

Well, we get to the final approach to Gal’darah where the rhinos are, and the lock and I decide that no shoes isn’t good enough.

Yep, that’s more like it! I had on my weapons, sigil and trinkets. I think she had on gloves because it made her look ‘more sexy’. (what? that’s a direct quote, really, Cael said it!)

Of course, once the boss was defeated and the pug ret pally (from our server, no less … ROFL!) left the party, the tank and healer had to join in for a dance party.

Good times!

Oh, and that gnaked gnome tank there? Yeah, that’s Fiak, too. Hm… why aren’t there any screenshots of his naked female dorf rogue? I must remedy that situation. /nod


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9 Responses to “Dancing in the New Year”

  1. Darthregis Says:

    Orcs are the most handsome of all races.

    AND the most badass.

    Just sayin’.

  2. repgrind Says:

    No mon. Dat be de trolls. De orcs just be wishin dey could be as cool.

  3. Elnoriah Says:

    People, people, PLEASE!

    We know it is the luscious, and exuberant hair of the Blood Elves that captures the finesse that such defines beauty. Therefore meaning that we are undoubtably the winners in this so called, “competition” (if there was to begin with) of handsome/beauty/cool-ness.

  4. repgrind Says:

    Uh-huh, sure. You just wish you could have facial hair of awesomeness like Elgar’s. Admit it. :p

  5. Elnoriah Says:

    @Repgrind Yes, but the walking like you have a stick up your ass counterbalances the awesomeness of the facial hair.

  6. kaif01 Says:

    Holy crap. I was tanking?

    The carnage must have been terrible. I think I was pretty drunk.

  7. repgrind Says:

    lol. Yeah, you were .. and it was like 3am, too!

  8. For The Pie Says:

    Blood Elves, pansifying the horde since 2007.

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