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Hello, Ghoul

January 29, 2010

Short post today to clean up some items I have leftover in my inbox that need to be posted.

Kaly went ahead with his respec last night. Although I still miss the original ghoul voices, it was great to have my own permanent buddy with me again.

Did a random with no gem in the sword, the wrong trinkets, and the wrong glyphs … still topped the damage, but wasn’t all that impressed. Afterwards, I …well, afterwards I ran around on the priest for a couple levels … but *afterwards* afterwards, I bought some glyphs and cut a gem and got him mostly fixed up.

So Lajos logs on and we have plans to go farm for the Baron’s mount, when Lore whispers that they’re going to do the weekly. Kaly hadn’t done it yet, and it doesn’t take long, at least not on 10 man, so I went to do that first. Then he’s like ‘oh by the way, you’re tanking’ … wha?? LOL. Oh well, it’s only trash leading up to Razuvious. So that went fine.

Ok, NOW I’m free … but wait! ‘Wanna go to 10 man Uldy?’ Uhh….can Lajos go too? Score. Rivendare isn’t going anywhere. What better place to test out my new spec than Ulduar? So we went and had a GREAT time. FL with 3 towers up? Yeah baby. That was a first for me. Kaly had actually never been to Uld, other than one weekly raid quest to kill Razor, so I had a fun time doing the fights as melee. Lajos was sufficiently blown away, especially by his first time seeing Kologarn pop up out of the abyss. Good times. Lore, stop apologizing for the “terrible uldy10 run” … it was anything but terrible! Goof :p

Oh, the dps? Yeah, it was fine. The twin Lion’s Maws will get a permanent home in my bank because they look so damn cool as a matched set, but likely won’t be used again.

Odds N Ends

Ragle uses Lajos as a test subject for his shiny new (BUBBLES!!!) penance.

Karius sleeps with a tree.

Hmm…we need some dancing to close out the week. /nod

How about Kaly and Lajos making good use of some Noggenfoggers?

Alright, I’m out. See ya Monday 😉

Goodbye Dual Wield … Again

January 28, 2010

So, I finally got off my rear and dual-specced Kerick last night. So he’s got his prot spec and he’s looking super smexy with his sword and shield … and Fiak wants to do a dungeon. *le sigh*  … *switch specs* … ok, fine … I hadn’t played him in a month other than the couple times over the weekend that he tried tanking as ret. I forgot how much fun ret is, especially now that he has some fun procs like Art of War and Hammer of Wrath … plus the lolstorm from his Ravager axe.

Where was I? Oh, yes. So Jumron and Kerick queue up and get Mara-Orange. We down the stuff necessary to complete the random, and decide to continue. Now, Baltok had whispered me before I’d entered the dungeon, asking if I knew a ranged dps who might want to do ICC. I’d announced in guild chat that he was looking, but apparently no one took him up on it.  So about this time I get a whisper from him asking if I want to bring the DK.  Well, Kaly was going to miss the ICC run this weekend because Karius has a scheduled guild event that overlaps it, so I apologized to the group and switched toons.

It was mostly the same group that Karius ran ToC with last night, so naturally, as soon as they realized who I was, they all said welcome back and wanted to know when I was joining the guild. Hehe, nice try guys.

Here’s some action from the epic trash leading up to Marrowgar.

The rogue was asked to disarm the traps rather than popping them and killing the big dudes. Meh, I could use the rep but it did make getting to the boss a *lot* faster.

Our guild’s main two tanks are both  bears, and I love them dearly. I certainly am not going to leave Crits, but I must admit I could get used to having two hot men in plate like these guys between me and the mobs. *grin*

It took a try or two on Marrowgar to get the kinks worked out, but when it all came together, it came together right. Seriously, everyone stacked up close to make sure the bone spikes went down fast, no one died, and we even got the Boned! achievement. Karius doesn’t even have that yet!

…. and then we went and wiped on Deathwhisper’s trash. HAHA! But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Marrowgar loot …. Citadel Enforcer’s Claymore. They’re talking in vent about how it’d be a great Death Knight weapon. I’m like, well yeah, but .. I’m dual wield. It’s not my main spec. Both tanks have dps offspecs that use 2H weapons. But they insisted I roll, so I did when it came to the offspec roll, and they didn’t. Ok, fine … I guess I’m changing specs. ^^

So after we cleaned up the Deathwhisper trash, we cleaned up Deathwhisper herself … we totally one-shotted her. AND then we went and wiped on Gunship Battle … twice. LMAO! Raiding is so much fun. Once people figured out their roles though it was fine. Some people hadn’t been there. NO fight is guaranteed easy when people are new at it, even if they’ve been there on other toons filling different roles.

Saurfang, though …. is a bitch. There is no way to put it. I hate him. This is how it usually ends up when I fight him.

(Don’t worry, I don’t dps him from that side … I moved around after the wipe was called so I could die next to the tanks :p )

After a few tries we took a break. Time for some fun! Note the double Lil KT’s running along behind the bike.

Yep yep, Apathy definitely knows how to have fun. 😀

We called it after that, but it was a successful run as far as that goes. Several people got some nice upgrades … the raid leader got that sexy Frost Needle that Karius has, and the shammy got a nice helm, hunter got new bracers … the only thing that was sharded was the Bone Bow that seems to always drop.

Thanks again for the good times, guys! Tonight .. it’s respec time.

Warrior Tanks Are Sexy

January 27, 2010

Don’t believe me? Check out this shot of Baltok battling Falric in HHoR.

I had an ideal spot facedown on the floor from which I could manipulate the camera.

It’s pretty nice having a tank to run around with. Insta-queues are pure win. Especially when it’s already 1:30am and said tank practically begs you to go along for just one teensy little random.

Of course, in exchange for the quick queues, helping out in ToC10 is a pretty good tradeoff. Especially when you dc in the middle of NRB and come back to find the entire raid naked. Yeah baby!

Unfortunately, I had him lined up for a *perfect* head on naked shot, but he moved. So this is the best I could get.

Next time I’m just gonna make him pose for it.

Borka Hits 80!

January 26, 2010

Yeah, I know … Borka isn’t even my toon. But since Trout is too busy these days to update his own blog, someone’s gotta brag for him. Ok, I must admit, if my work suddenly blocked WordPress, you probably would see the same thing happen to this blog. Home time is play time.

Borka was the very first toon from the guild that I met ‘face to face’ … way back when Kaly was a fresh (female draenei) DK just out of Acherus. It’s about time he caught up to me! I think he’s Trout’s fifth 80 … *counts on fingers* … yeah.

I had promised to do a few runs of regular ToC once he hit 80, just like we did for Rossini, so late night Thursday after he dinged we gathered together a crew and headed in for some fun. We had Kaly tanking and Cael healing and Lajos pew pewing, and … yeah, with that group, you can guess how that ended up, right?

Oh, it degenerated even farther from there, of course.

This next one is not actually about Borka, but it’s still ToC, or actually HToC, so I figured it was close enough to post here. This was Saturday when we queued for a random … so afterwards, Solarios, Nickolas, Kaly, and Lajos had a(nother) naked dance party. Looks like someone needs more bag space. *points at Lajos*

Ok, Trout … you’ve caught up to me with five, and you’ve got a 71 waiting. I better get to work! Maybe I should go back to DB and finish Ditzul …. nah. Kerick only has 36 levels to go and people pressuring him to tank for them. I bet I get another one to 80 before you do. :p