Playing With Old Friends

What a great weekend! Got to play with some people I hadn’t really played with in quite some time.

Nim showed up to play his dwarf hunter some, and I was in a guild group that was getting together to chain the ICC heroics together. Nim’s in .. well, fresh level 80 gear. Blues, a few leftover quest greens, you know, the stuff you’re wearing when you ding. So we invite him and go to the instances the old fashioned way… we fly to the summon stone.

I think every single boss we dropped had hunter gear on it. Seriously. It was awesome. He walked out of there with iLevel 232 helm, shoulders, bracers, belt, and crossbow. hehehehe. Nimmeh, come play with us more often!

Oh yeah, and he did over 2k dps too …

Then yesterday, KARON showed up. OMG. So we hooked up with Grubs and hung out in Hellfire for awhile. Ramps and Blood Furnace are quite fun when you have 32k health. πŸ˜€

Grubs worked on her punching skills a bit.

And of course, there was dancing.

And then she went and respecced so we could have boomkin dancing in BF.

But that’s not all … there was also naked dancing later on with Caddan.

And some gnome dancing with Fiak and Squey. πŸ˜€


So, I’m off tomorrow to Mom’s house for Christmas. I suppose I could have something autopost while I’m gone, but since my posts are usually ‘here’s what I did the last couple days’ … meh. Happy Holidays and I’ll see ya next week, mmkay?

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3 Responses to “Playing With Old Friends”

  1. For The Pie Says:

    Hey, for the most part my 80 hunter with a lot of days played at 80 is still in some quest blues.

    /le sigh

    grats Nim

  2. Elnoriah Says:

    Don’t worry Roz, my Druid will be on your level by the time you get back! Have fun!

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