Two Down

No boring screenshots because they’re boring. No boring commentary either because … there’s just not that much to say. Well, ok, fine, I’ll come up with something.

Marrowgar – Stupid damn blue flames every freaking where. And the party member that gets impaled on the bone spike? Yeah, they’re guaranteed to be clear across the room from you.  Other than that … no big deal. Nice caster weapon drops … the other mage wins it.

Lady Deathwhisper – Lots of adds which sounded really confusing. I was directed to stay on the boss and dps her mana shield down though, so I can’t really describe much. Her green puddle HURTS, don’t stand in it for more than a second or you’re done. Not *quite* as bad as Palehoof’s fire bombs in ToGC, but close. Caster gloves drop .. the lock wins them.

Tonight we’re scheduled to head back in and hopefully finish up. It’s also Classic Raid Night though. I’m torn. I want to see the gunship battle … but I don’t want to miss out of the fun night either. I think I almost liked it better when the guild was small enough that we were all doing the same thing at the same time. Now, if I don’t go to ICC, there will be people lined up for my spot and I might be left off the invite next week. Heck, it won’t matter, I’ll be out of town for Christmas next week anyway… but will I have a spot when I come back?

DK Fun

Both toons did ToC10 on Saturday.  Kalyon got himself a Victor’s Call (yay!) and also a couple of new pieces for his seldom-used tank set. So, with those all gemmed and enchanted, he decided to go and test them out. First we got an all-guild group together. One guy wanted to do UP (amg Skadi noes), another wanted to do .. hm, I forget, but it was something else I didn’t want to tank. So since they made me party leader (heh suckers) I went in the specific dungeon list to see what was available (i.e. no one was locked out of) and picked Drak’Tharon. I love me some Tharon’ja. I got Northrend Dungeonmaster at the end of it, too, but it wasn’t planned, I swear!

Angelicos, Kalyon, and Daegann

That went quite well, but the guild group broke up after that one, so Caddan and I grabbed Rossini and made him go with us for a random one. And uh … we got Old Kingdom. Gah! We wiped in the first room when the ret pally ran the wrong way and pulled … so the healer left as soon as we zoned back in. But a new healer popped in almost right away (god I love the new system), a *really good* holy pally, and once we got the ret to settle down and let the tank lead, the rest of the instance went just fine. Yes, it’s long and some of the pulls are a pita (we did lose a couple of dps when we got adds in that last section of cultists) but we stuck with it and they even stayed to help kill the rest of the bog beast things so Rossini could finish that quest.

One further upgrade yesterday, when Kaly got a Tyrannical Beheader from PoS, so that will be his PvP weapon, and his Keen Obsidian Edged Blade can replace the Edge of Ruin as his tank weapon. With all that yummy expertise on it, he now has 30 expertise in his tank set.

And the Rogue, too

Spent some badges on a Balanced Heartseeker and a Swift Hand of Justice. I did some questing on my own, and then Caddan logged in and ran around killing stuff with me. Gnoll camps + FoK = good times. I spend my solo time stealthing everywhere and backstabbing stuff. He dinged 14 before I logged off last night. One more level and I can try the dungeon finder! He’s got some good looking gear now, too. Check this out.

Ever since my first time questing in Westfall, I have wanted a rogue JUST so I could wear a Red Defias Mask. Mission: Accomplished.


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6 Responses to “Two Down”

  1. repgrind Says:

    Oh, see, CoS seriously depresses me now, because I look … exactly the same as I always do. I loved it on Horde … Roz was a good looking troll, don’t get me wrong, but he made a damn sexy human. My deviate fish are kinda meh now that I’m always human, too. Then again … I get to be hawt 100% of the time now, so it’s all good. 😉

  2. lagalot Says:

    argh @ icc10, everyone and their mom wants to go. Think about that though, getting groups for it is going to be trivial. Pugtasticly trivial even. I think it is not too hard? Once everyone knows what to do anyhow.

  3. repgrind Says:

    Yeah, that is true, and it’s not like it’s going anywhere. But it’s kinda cool being there for first kills.

  4. Troutwort Says:

    You know on Rossini, that Insanity fight was even easier than I thought! I burned through all your images so fast it was sick. I think I cleared mine in about 3-5 seconds after popping demonology form and immolate aura on you all. I even had immolate aura burn through the next persons too! I also really like killing myself during those fights. 😛

  5. repgrind Says:

    Demon form … cheater! hehe. I have HB glyphed in my tank/pvp spec, so I hit you all with one of those and let the disease tick while I kept the stupid holy pally busy. (The glyph applies frost fever to anyone hit by the Howling Blast .. a nice quick way to dot a whole crowd. Lots of fun in Wintergrasp.)

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