Goodbye Dual Wield

Last night I was on Kaly working on his JC before the scheduled Ony10. I looked at the calendar and saw we had 19 people signed up. Hm … Kaly had declined since Karius accepted, but with that many there would be two groups. He’s done ToC10, he can surely handle Ony… and there are more upgrades for him than Karius. Let’s do this! So I signed him up and stayed on him for the raid.

Keen Obsidian Edged Blade drops. I’m the only DK. Both of the paladins are Prot/Holy (lol). I did not take the mage portal out of the instance. I dropped a death gate and went straight to the trainer/runeforge. Is this thing sexy or what?

You observant people out there might notice that the screenshot was taken in front of Maexxna. One of my guildies was going on a Naxx pug and they were looking for tanks. Heck, I’ve got 28k unbuffed and 544 defense, I’m good to go! I talked a paladin tank from the guild into filling the other spot and off we went.

It was a small guild on their first ever Naxx, plus the 3 of us from Crits. Talk about good times. Yeah, we wiped. But people who needed gear were getting it and learning how to raid, and it was fun! Plus it’s very good practice tanking. Even though I really don’t plan to ever tank raids, it’s good to have the ability to do so if necessary. I even got a tank ring off Anub that was an upgrade. Oh, and don’t forget the achievement!

We broke for the night after clearing Spider and attempting Razuvious once. The plan is to go back in tonight.

Afterwards, I went and hung out with my warrior friend and we got his defense up high enough at least for heroics, so hopefully tonight I’ll get to test out my new dps spec on a couple runs with him.

One shot of us hangin out in Dalaran lookin good and then I’d better get back to work. Cya!




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6 Responses to “Goodbye Dual Wield”

  1. For The Pie Says:

    That’s a knife that even Mick Dundee would be proud to own.

  2. Elnoriah Says:

    I love the Obsidian Edged Blade, a really great weapon for both Tanking and DPS.

    Grats Roz!

  3. repgrind Says:

    Thanks! I’m still gonna miss the DW playstyle though. It was a nice contrast to tanking with the big slow 2H.

  4. raquoon Says:

    Grats on the upgrade. Love tanking but never done it with a DK. Can’t get myself to level one for some reason. The fact that I don’t like the rune system does not help either 🙂

  5. repgrind Says:

    One of these days maybe I’ll actually level my warrior. I flailed my way to 48 as fury back before Wrath came out, then dusted her off and server/faction transferred her (well, him now), respecced arms pvp for a couple BGs … and that’s all he’s done other than stand around Stormwind disenchanting junk. I’ll have to level him eventually if I want the enchanting to go anywhere. But then there’s the 48 priest and the 34 paladin too ….

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