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Happy New Year

December 31, 2009

Yes, I am back. Christmas was good. I did alright without internet, until the Mr. T Night Elf Mohawk commercial came on TV. Then my brother tried to bait me into getting mad at him, saying people that play WoW are retards and have pale pasty skin from never leaving the basement. You’d think he’d be more mature than that at 30+ but oh well.

Not much to say about what I’ve done in game because obviously, I haven’t been. So how about a look back to where I was a year ago? It’s the thing to do at the end of the year, right?

12-31-2008 … Junahu becomes my first level 80. She would eventually be followed by two DKs and two mages (Arelin, Rozjin, Karius and Kalyon) and be replaced as my main by the mages. I can’t see her ever being a nelf or dwarf, but maybe, just maybe, when Cat comes out and humans can be hunters …. I certainly do miss her sometimes.

I had a lot of fun on her. Fiak had found another hunter and two DKs that we hooked up with and leveled the last couple levels to 80 with, and were our regular little 5 man group. We all geared up together and raided Naxx and OS together. It was good times. But .. eventually an issue with loot arose and they left us.

So, I talked Fiak into transferring to Dawnbringer to play with the dudes at For The Horde. We had fun for awhile, but real life interrupted several people’s play time and there just weren’t enough people in the guild to get raiding off the ground. That meant we had lots of time to goof … so I made a DK on Winterhoof to visit Troutwort.

You don’t have to look back very far in the posts to see where that went. I think it was sometime in September when I went Alliance full time, because it was the beginning of October when Karius dinged and cleared Naxx with the guild’s first raid. I’m having more fun than ever, have lots of friends to play with, have beaten almost all of the content (other than Yogg and Malygos), and best of all, my best friend Fiak is there with me doing it all, too.

It was a great year for me in WoW. I didn’t even mention this blog, which came around in February. I’m not sure the next year has any chance of equalling it, in terms of how far I’ve come and the new things I’ve tried. If you’d told me a year ago that I would be playing an Alliance mage and raiding the newest content, I’d have laughed in your face.

Playing With Old Friends

December 21, 2009

What a great weekend! Got to play with some people I hadn’t really played with in quite some time.

Nim showed up to play his dwarf hunter some, and I was in a guild group that was getting together to chain the ICC heroics together. Nim’s in .. well, fresh level 80 gear. Blues, a few leftover quest greens, you know, the stuff you’re wearing when you ding. So we invite him and go to the instances the old fashioned way… we fly to the summon stone.

I think every single boss we dropped had hunter gear on it. Seriously. It was awesome. He walked out of there with iLevel 232 helm, shoulders, bracers, belt, and crossbow. hehehehe. Nimmeh, come play with us more often!

Oh yeah, and he did over 2k dps too …

Then yesterday, KARON showed up. OMG. So we hooked up with Grubs and hung out in Hellfire for awhile. Ramps and Blood Furnace are quite fun when you have 32k health. 😀

Grubs worked on her punching skills a bit.

And of course, there was dancing.

And then she went and respecced so we could have boomkin dancing in BF.

But that’s not all … there was also naked dancing later on with Caddan.

And some gnome dancing with Fiak and Squey. 😀


So, I’m off tomorrow to Mom’s house for Christmas. I suppose I could have something autopost while I’m gone, but since my posts are usually ‘here’s what I did the last couple days’ … meh. Happy Holidays and I’ll see ya next week, mmkay?

Dreams Do Come True

December 18, 2009

Some dreams are completely unobtainable, like getting one of the old pvp titles that were removed long before I started playing. Some only *seem* to be unobtainable, like the Headless Horseman’s mount or the Baron’s Deathcharger. Others … can be realized with some arrangement, although it’s much more fun when they just fall into your lap without any planning, like last night.


One of my best buddies in the guild set up an Ulduar run to kill Razorscale for the weekly raid quest last night. We had more than 10 guildies, so he set it to 25 and we pugged the rest. I’m just kinda hanging out watching my raid frames fill up when I see this magic flash in my chat window – Bashertin has joined the raid.

I’m all like “OMG Krizz!” And he’s all like “oh wow someone is here who knows my name? ” and I’m all like ” <–repgrind” and he’s like “oh wow, how are you!” and it was all like, so cool. So he’s like “drive a vehicle for me and I’ll be your gunner” and I’m like “hellz yeah!” So we had to take screenshots in front of our siege engine.

We were doing pretty good, I was even interrupting Flame Vents … so I’m shoved up the backside of Flame Leviathan when the jerk decides to chase us. I hit the speed up button and make a quick mouse turn … right into the wall … and get stuck in the corner. /phail … so we watched the rest of the fight from this viewpoint.

Seems to be a tradition around here, doesn’t it? If I’m not posting nekkid shots, I’m posting dead shots. Hmmm.

Anywho … FL died, we got an achievement for … something. Defeating him without causing a system shutdown. I don’t even know what that means. /shrug  On to Razorscale … we wiped once on that. I’d never been here on 25-man before and had also never been here as melee before, so it was interesting. But we got it down and had a lot of fun. And of course, got screenshots of the kill WITH both of us alive. =P

Gotta love the perma-elemental eh? And Krizz put up some ungodly figure like 5k dps, too. Woo! So yeah, I got to raid with Krizzlybear and it was awesome.


As you know if you’ve been paying attention, I’ve been all excited since the Dungeon Finder came out, wanting to see if I could run RFC on my Alliance babies. So last night Kroy finally hit 15 and I queued it right up. I talked Fiak into joining me on his long-forgotten level 18 paladin. We queued, and waited … and waited … and waited some more. Group was all ready save for a tank. So we drop, he re-queues as tank/dps and the group pops immediately. LOL!

It was about the most fun I’ve had all week. Oh, and my bud Caddan sent me a nice agility enchant to put on my heirloom dagger, so I’m kinda badass now. I got the cape off the boss, too!

We didn’t get goody bags since we had signed up specifically for RFC, so after Fiak went to bed, I did random and got it again…and dinged 16 on it. Good times.

And That’s That

December 16, 2009

ICC 10

I must admit …. I really did expect ICC to be more difficult. We went in last night, with a mix of people who had cleared it the first week, people who had seen part of it (like me), and a couple people, including one of the tanks,  who hadn’t been there at all yet. Other than Saurfang hitting his enrage while on the brink of death in our first attempt, we one shotted everything.

Now, we’re not in there with unexperienced, undergeared players. The five dps are all pulling 4-5k and almost everyone in the group is wearing at least one item from ToGC. So maybe it’s harder when you’re not as geared.

Lady Deathwhisper dropped the Sister’s Handshrouds again and I passed on the roll … I dun wanna replace my ToGC gloves already! Yeah ok, I’d gain 4 stamina and 12 intellect, I know, but damn … heroic, baby! One of the guys in the raid (who’s always soooo worred about his gearscore) was like ‘but it’s a higher item level!’ and I’m like … so?

The Ashen Band of Destruction once I hit friendly with the Ashen Verdict was a nice upgrade over my Titan-Forged Band of Ascendancy though. (lol ur wearin pvp rings in pve – nub) Shutup, I never win the roll on Onyxia’s bloody head.

I did roll on and win Muradin’s Spyglass. It replaced Talisman of Volatile Power. Is it better? Um… ah…well …. I dunno. Haste is good … but it’s haste on use, and I’m lazy and already have so many buttons to push when I want burst. This thing procs all the time and is practically like gaining a constant 150 extra spellpower. Did I mention yet that I’m lazy? Yeah … put that with my thingy off Anub that spits out the pillar of flame and I’m in heaven with my proc moar damage trinkets.

Friday we’re trying out ICC 25, so … I guess we’ll see if that’s as hard as I’ve heard it is. It’s supposedly quite a difficulty jump between the two.

Classic Raid Night

Yes, I skipped out on finishing ICC Monday night to  attend the weekly Classic Raid Night. I don’t much care that I missed it since I got to do the whole thing last night. Since ICC was scheduled though, we made it a short one and just did Magtheridon’s Lair and Gruuls. Mage tanking was pretty fun! Angelicos got a couple pretty cool drops in Gruuls. I guess he’s starting an RP set or something, I dunno. I promised I’d post a screenshot though. :p

Afterwards, since Crocs in the City was the Outland Fishing Daily, Elgar and I went fishing. He caught his before me, and decided to entertain me while I fished. Now how am I supposed to concentrate on my bobber, Elgar?

King of the Ogres

Before I discovered that you no longer have to do all the elite quests to become King of the Ogres in order to open up Ogri’la, Kalyon went and … completed all the elite quests. lol! Oh well, it was hella fun soloing all those. And at the end, the ogres all bowed down to me and threw me a party!

Of course, it didn’t take Kaly long to discover the ogre-sized keg in the middle of the crowd, either. 😉

Friday I’ll be back with pictures of .. I dunno .. something else. Bye!