So, the week of staying home and playing WoW has come to an end. I made the most of it, capped off with a 2:30am tanking of regular 5 man ToC. Yes, I am dragging this morning, thank you very much.

So this is progression, eh? My recently dinged DK, wearing one piece of iLevel 226 from badges, purples from HToC and regular heroics, a few blues and even a green trinket, with 25man VoA as his only raid achievement … finished 10 man ToC. Respectably, mind you, not being completely carried. He even got a piece of loot! (yes, _a_ piece of loot, as in … one. Karius goes in there and everything that drops is plate. Kalyon goes in and it’s all caster gear. @#@#%!) AND he lived for the victory pic!

Speaking of Karius, he went to 25man ToC on Friday night and stank up the joint. Not standing in fires or blowing up the raid or anything like that, just … not pulling his weight on the dps.  Ok, off to the armory. I looked up myself and the other two mages in the raid. My gear was comparable to theirs. I had more haste than one of them, and much much less than the other (he had over 900 holy cow!) Ok so it’s not lack of gear or the wrong stats. Just having an off night might explain part of it, but it obviously was deeper than that.

HERE is where recount is helpful, folks. I compared my harmful attacks with those of the other two mages and found that they were casting almost twice as many spells as I was. So I did what I should have done a long time ago… I downloaded Quartz. Yes, I know, I’m a failmage for not having it sooner! Oh well. Just in a few minutes of goofing around with it, it was painfully clear that I just wasn’t pushing the buttons fast enough/at the right time. Oy.

I spent some time becoming more familiar with it, then was invited to Heroic ToC-10 last night. Alright, here’s my chance to prove myself. The two hunters still killed me, but I put up over 4k over the course of the night and we downed everything but Anub. AND we had a paladin along who joined the guild mid-raid and likes Noggenfoggers. Oooh yeahhhh.

So after that I’m hanging around Dalaran and some guildies are going back into an Ulduar they have started and are on Vezax. I’ve cleared up to him before but never downed him, so I’m tempted, but I beg off since it is 11:30pm. Somehow I get talked into it anyway, and it’s a mostly guild group, so I figure what the heck. It took a number of tries, but we did get him down.

We took a break to watch the Yogg video on Youtube since most of us had never been that far before, then jumped in and gave it a few tries. We had three healers, so after a couple attempts we all just stacked on Sara for the first phase. That got us through so we could at least try the second phase. What a fun fight! We got nowhere, of course, partly because it was 2am by now, but still … I’m looking forward to trying it again.

After that … I should have gone to bed. But, my warrior buddy was on who I had promised to help gear up in regular ToC, so we got a guild group together for one quick run through there before crashing. None of the stuff he needed for his tank spec dropped, but we had a good time anyway.

What happens when you all gear up in the same instance? You look alike! Can you tell which one is the warrior and which one is the death knight? :p

Aight, I gotta pretend to work here. Cyas!


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4 Responses to “Downed”

  1. kaif01 Says:

    Holy crap your UI makes my eyes hurt!

  2. thedoctor Says:

    I like your UI…its better then mine. Grats on all the kills!!

  3. Elnoriah Says:


    Your UI scares me >____>

  4. Essential Mage Addons to Increase Your DPS « Reputation Grind Says:

    […] raiding and ToC25 was the place to be … well, let’s just say I was pretty much a noob. This post pretty much sums it up. I had pretty close to the same gear and stats as the mages I was raiding […]

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