Killing KT

No, not that KT! The one in Tempest Keep. Last night was Classic Raid Night at Crits so 17 of us wandered to Netherstorm to take on Kael’Thas and pray for a mount like this one.

It was all fun and games … lots of turning people into leper  gnomes and skeletons with leftover wands from Hallow’s End, lots of drinking Brewfest Brew and dancing, lots of misdirecting mobs to the level 73 warlock … you know, the usual.

Until we got to KT himself, of course. What a fight! I got mind controlled … and wiped out most of the raid. My scrolling battle text flashes on the screen in big letters whenever I get a killing blow. Ya … I got KBs on at least two people in the raid. Oops?

Next fight went fine though because now we’d seen it once. When someone got mind controlled, they got sheeped. No problem. Achievement spam ftw.

We headed back to A’lar because we had saved him for last … and that’s when the battlegroup went down.  Doh!

Sooo … I talked Trout into logging onto his cute belflock on Dawnbringer. Juna and Teufel had lots of fun bouncing turkeys legs and pumpkin pie off each others’ heads.

He even danced nekkid on the table! I’m sure Arioch will approve.

So we hit all four cities and got our Pilgrims’ Paunch then he had to go to bed. So I got on my little belf pally Galor and did all the quests….and killed a ton of turkeys.

Karius and Kalyon should be getting their titles and pets today, so I’m off to do that now. Bye bye!



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6 Responses to “Killing KT”

  1. repgrind Says:


  2. telanarra Says:

    lawl and i like the classic raid night idea

  3. Troutwort Says:

    I hope that classic raid night continues to be a success. We had such a blast, the fun thing is that you can totally laugh and have an awesome time and then you forget that it’s not all facerolling and wipe and just end up laughing even more 😛

  4. James Says:

    First thanks for blogging about WoW. Currently I’m deployed to Iraq and don’t get to play it so I read peoples blogs to see what other people are up to.

    The KT fight is a fun one. I think Vashj is little better but I haven’t been back to just zerg them since WotLK came out. I remember wiping to those guys time and time again. Then finally killing them to get to Hyjal and on to BT. I certainly had a great time during BC.]

    Thanks again,

  5. repgrind Says:

    Hi James! Glad you’re enjoying the blog. Hopefully you get to return home soon so you can play again. /salute

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