Moar Dots

Another Thursday, another Ony10, another night of rogue and warrior drops when there are none in the raid. Oh well, at least it’s fast … got the achievement for killing her in less than 6 minutes.

Our 3s team hit 1000 rating last night, so I was able to purchase furious robes. I think that puts my resilience up around 450 now. Hm … I think I logged out in it, brb armory. Meh, 439. I’m getting real good at letting two melee beat on me until the hunter can kill one of them at the same time they kill me. I hate playing double melee teams. I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable with the new spec though, and at least feel like I’m contributing something to the team now, instead of just being carried by them.

Not much else happening, so … have a great weekend and I’ll see you all back here Monday!



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5 Responses to “Moar Dots”

  1. repgrind Says:

    Yeah, so does the Black Knight. Every time my DK has done HToC, the Spectral Kris has dropped. Fiaked and Fiaks both have one … yet poor Karius still has to /cry every time he’s in there and it doesn’t drop. I think it did actually drop once and he lost the roll, so … yeah. He’s lost the roll on very awesome daggers off Anub and Ony as well. I like his Stormtip though, it’s cute and it has haste, so I’m not complaining too much.

  2. Elnoriah Says:

    Damn, that seems to happen to me, the one time my damned DK Tank helm dropped off of her. I was on my Priest.

    Grats on the 3’s team!

  3. evisceratespam Says:

    gratz on the 3’s team dude go pwn some more and get full relentless gear! 😀

  4. repgrind Says:

    workin on it! We hit 1100 over the weekend, but stopped because I didn’t have enough points to buy .. whatever the next piece was. Helm I think.

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