The Keepers

Welcome to Monday, again. Yeah, I’m not thrilled about it either. I AM thrilled about the updates I have for you from my weekend though. You ready for screenshots? Good.

Weekend Raiding

Yesterday afternoon we headed into Ulduar to continue where we left off on Tuesday. We started on Iron Council since we had downed them before, figuring it would be best to warm up on a fight we knew. They dropped this cute little dagger, Stormtip, so now I can bank that uglystick.

From there we headed to Thorim. I was on the arena team. I was a bit nervous about aoe’ing at first. I’ve died on whelps a few too many times I guess, and I’ve never been frost so the whole blizzarding is not really my thing. Didn’t take me long though to determine that it is just about impossible for me to die on this phase, as long as I spellsteal the Runic Shield and the Runic Mending that are cast by the Dark Rune Evokers.

It took a couple tries for the gauntlet team to get their part down right. I was pretty busy concentrating on my own assignment, but it sounds like there are several things to watch out for in there. Anyway, once they got through it intact and Thorim jumped into the fray, the rest was easysauce.


I got the T8 shoulder token off him, and still had the T8 pants token in my bag from Tuesday, so after the raid I said goodbye to T7 set bonus and invited the T8 set bonus over for dinner.

Mimiron was next. I dearly love the hallway leading up to him, hopping in one of the ‘tank things’ as our raid leader called it and jumping into the next pack. Good times. Our resto shaman wasn’t along this time though, so Fiaked got the bombs misdirected to him instead. Too bad he’s smart enough to shield/pain suppress and lived through it. :p

Mimiron is, um .. interesting. We got the first phase down pretty fast, but it took a bit to figure out the second phase. I died on it many times and still don’t know why … I guess too slow spreading back out after the special attack thing. Each try though we got a little closer and a little closer and eventually … we got to the final stage. Yes, the stage that combines all the attacks from the first three stages. omg there is waaaay too much stuff to look out for. Second try on the final stage, it looks like we’re gonna do it. Most of the raid is down, the three sections are at like 5% each …. and my dumb butt is concentrating so hard on getting the dps on them and getting it down, that I stand in one of the runes too long and don’t get out of the way of the laser bomb thingy. @#@$%. The raid leader is calling it a wipe, but the other mage and Fiaked are still up. That’s the second keeper that has been defeated at the end by Fiaked the Greatest Priest Ever nuking. Smite ftw!


From there, we headed down the Descent to Madness to see General Vezax. The architecture on the way there is absolutely gorgeous. Karius had to stop and admire some of it.


The trash on him is fun. Kind of like a mini faction champs. I got to sheep .. hurray! The general himself, though … we only tried a couple of times. We’ll extend the lockout and get some time in on him tomorrow.

Friday night Karius went to ToCr25 because they needed more people, even though he’s not quite geared for it yet. He got an ilevel 245 robe out of it though so he really raked in on the loot this weekend. I had a screenshot of the achievement but you’ve seen enough of those and they’re boring, so you get to look at Kalyon instead because he’s hot. 😉



So, there was a post a couple weeks ago or thereabouts over at Critical QQ where it was mentioned that paladin wings (Avenging Wrath) can be spellstolen. Well, of course I had a goal from that point on to not only steal wings, but get a screenshot of it. That was more successful than our 5v5 team.


Still working on the sheep with wings.

Oh yeah, Kalyon has his own team now. Fiak trasferred over his druid so we could do some 2s. Since the druid, Fiaks, used to be a female tauren, and Kalyon used to be a female draenei, our team is named We Used To Be Chicks. I think we went 4-12 which was better than both of us expected to do.

The Naked Part

Wut? It wouldn’t be my blog without it. Schubert, you are a bad, bad gnome.


Karius certainly looks happy though.


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7 Responses to “The Keepers”

  1. For The Pie Says:

    Pretty soon you are going to need a NSFW rating.

    Bad gnome.

    and human males are not hot.

  2. repgrind Says:

    They’re a lot hotter than orcs. Yuck! :p

    I totally had nothing to do with that scene in the bank. I was bored and lay down WITH all my clothes on and they started assaulting me.

  3. For The Pie Says:


    You claim that you laid down with your clothes on….

    And they started assaulting you AND stripped you.

  4. repgrind Says:

    Yep. I am totally innocent.

  5. thedoctor Says:

    lol @ the naked pic

    Grats on Mimiron too!

  6. gnomeaggedon Says:

    Mmm naked wing wearers?

    Sounds like Mardi gra

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