Chain ‘Roics!

Ah, another weekend has passed. So what was I up to? Plenty of shenanigans, for sure.

Elgar wanted to work on his Outland reputations on Saturday and wanted to run a string of old heroics. I was ready for a break from the frantic leveling, so Kalyon went along, figuring he could use the practice tanking.

But first, as we were getting ready to go, the guild’s awesome bear tank decided to have some fun with chum in the fountain at The Eventide. That’s always good for drawing a crowd.


After that we picked up a couple more guildys and headed to Hellfire. Two of us didn’t have enough rep to get heroic keys for any of the other dungeons. We figured we could faceroll our way through them, so the pally stayed ret even though he was tanking. I guess we underestimated things a bit. And yes, the chat on the screenshot says we’re not telling anyone, but they should know by now that I screenshot *everything*. Bwahahahah!

Four dead … four dead … four dead in Hellfire


The rest of Hellfire went well. Elgar even had the key for Shattered Halls, so we got to do all three. Unfortunately, he ended up just short of exalted, so we’ll have to go back later.

From there, we were out of dungeons that people had enough rep to do on Heroic. So .. we went to Magister’s Terrace, and did that twice .. once on regular to unlock heroic, and then again on heroic. Good times.

A short break and some toon swapping, along with me turning in some unidentified plant parts to get honored with Cenarion (thanks Elgey!), and we were on our way again. Kaly got to tank these three. I had a screenshot of the achievement at the end of Steamvaults, but apparently I left it at home. Darnit. Owell. This section was more successful on the rep getting, as Elgar left there exalted, and went and bought himself a tabard and a Cenarion War Hippogryph.

Heroics done, we decided to do the last couple dungeons that our hunter needed for Outland Dungeonmaster. So we hit up … um … brb armory … well, looks like we did both Mana Tombs and Crypts. Wow, we were busy! Since those were on regular and not heroic, Kaly had a lot of fun loltanking them.


Elgar went shadow for the rest of the day and had some fun with mind  controlling mobs. Heck, even when he was disc healing I think he was casting mind sear more than any heals. Gotta admit, he looks pretty awesome in shadowform though … especially on my horse!


After that there was just one more dungeon the hunter needed. The two others along with us needed to log, so Kris took a break from his mad run to 80 and came and tanked The Arcatraz, letting me get some dps’ing time in.


Kris did make it to 80 late Saturday night … ok, early Sunday morning. Kaly is still behind, hitting 78 Saturday and 79 yesterday. But that’s ok … he’ll get there soon. Sometimes you just have to do fun things instead of grinding out quests and xp. Like this …


I squee every time Lil KT frostbolts a Lake Frog. It’s so awesome! Shoosh Kris, KT is waaaay better than that silly monk. =P



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6 Responses to “Chain ‘Roics!”

  1. For The Pie Says:

    So KT kills critters. Hrm.

    KT laughs when someone dies in PvP too. I got two levels in AV on my DK, with lil KT out the entire time.

    The panda sounds do get kinda annoying after a bit.

  2. repgrind Says:

    He does! It’s so awesome. I ❤ my Lil KT.

  3. Troutwort Says:

    KT is win, the panda’s noises make me want to pluck out my eyes.

  4. youyankityoutankit Says:

    OMG Chum in the fountain was amazing fun 😛 And is totally good to draw a crowd

  5. kaif01 Says:

    “KT is win, the panda’s noises make me want to pluck out my eyes.”

    I don’t get it. If you pluck out your eyes, you’ll still hear him.

  6. Horsies!! « Reputation Grind Says:

    […] Oh yes, and before I forget … shadowform looks as awesome on Rags as it did on Elgar way back when. […]

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