I Choose You

So, last night we headed back into Ulduar for the weekly 10 man. This time we *did* have an extended ID from last week, so we went in with only a few bosses left.

We started on Iron Council, who we had tried a couple of IDs ago and given up on after wiping continuously. However, we had learned some things that time, and it only took a few tries before we got it right. Well, before most of us got it right at least. Just… ignore that message on the screenshot there about releasing, would ya? Thanks.


Hmm..wow, yeah … ignore all the skeletons on the floor too. Although, those are nothing compared to what Freya did to us. Hoo, boy. I don’t know how many attempts we made on her. I gave up on counting. We spent a good two hours wiping on her. Finally, the raid leader announces that this will be our last try. You know, I’ve read on other people’s blogs how they’ll keep wiping over and over and then one time, everything just works. Now I know what they mean.  I understand, too, that feeling of getting a boss down after so many defeats. It’s pretty exciting.

She dropped a pretty nice staff, although it’s still not as awesome as that HToC dagger that still eludes me. It has a buttload of hit … yay hit….not! I’m 40 points over the hit rating NOW. I’m going to be waaaay over it with this…and it’s all on my gear, none of it is gems or enchants. Yeah, what a terrible thing to have to complain about, right? Ok, I could whine about it being ugly, too, but I won’t. How about if I complain about how much it’s going to cost to enchant it? Yeah, there we go!

We cleared the trash leading up to Mimiron. I even got to jump in one of the Arachnopod Destroyers. Wewt! Totally cool. Then we got to Frogger 2.0 and the raid leader misdirected a bomb onto the resto shammy. Hilarious! Unfortunately, the raid leader and his better half got disconnected before we could get one try in on Mimiron, so after 10 minutes the raid assist called it there.

So, for those of you keeping score, we have 2 keepers left, plus Ignis, Vezax and Yoggy. It’s probably old scene to a lot of you, but for me … it’s pretty exciting. We’re extending for one more week in an attempt to at least get to see the whole thing. We have one or two spots that change each week but for the most part, we have a real core group, mostly all seeing this stuff for the first time.

BTW, there’s still a debate going on in the comments of my last post on what tank spec I should use for my DK. Feel free to add your own 2 cents, nothing has been decided yet, other than the fact that DW dps is teh fun.



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6 Responses to “I Choose You”

  1. For The Pie Says:

    Congo Rats!

  2. Tehblood Says:

    Tanking instances not caring if your healer is a idiot cuz you can keep yourself healed = teh win.

  3. repgrind Says:

    Maybe I’ll play around with building my own spec at work tomorrow (er, later today). I don’t want to just copy your spec again.

  4. Tehblood Says:

    Imitation is one of the highest forms of flattery

  5. repgrind Says:

    If I flatter you any more, you’re gonna explode

  6. Abi Says:

    IC was a fun fight to learn but our guild beat our head against the wall learning Freya back then. Mimiron is still my favorite encounter in there ^_^.

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