Wrathgate and HH and ToC .. oh my!

Oh boy, this is gonna be a long one. These weekends off are soooo amazing. So let’s just start at the beginning.


Karius had been sitting on the Wrathgate quest for a month, waiting for Trout to get one of his characters to it so we could do it together. Of course, being Hallow’s End and all, we had to get some costumes into it. Here we are all ready to sneak into Undercity, ninja style!


Shaatom isn’t gonna sneak, he’s just gonna charge in, waving his axe around menacingly. It’ll work, trust me, they’ll just think he belongs to some undead lock.

Unfortunately, I got dc’ed halfway through and got that bug where it says I’m still online, so I logged onto Kerick and waited for Karius to disappear so I could log back into him. I got back in and we headed into the Royal Quarter. I wasn’t expecting the final fight to end so abruptly though, and we were ported back to Stormwind before I could get any good shots in the throne room. le sigh. Oh well, hopefully this one will make up for it. Man, I want a lock now. haha


And here is a bonus shot from Friday night, just because it turned out so cool…and because it’s not a complete post without Blood and Karius as skellys.



Saturday I spent a good portion of the day working on leveling herbing and mining on Kalyon … and trick or treating once an hour because all he needed for the title was the pet. So it was that he happened to be in STV around 3pm server. Ok, maybe it was partly intentional. But after Karius was nice and let a level 50ish lock get the chest last time, there was no way Kaly was gonna be denied. Plus he’s a DK, he’s not *supposed* to be nice. So, with visions of Last Man Standing dancing in his head, he boldly rode to the center of the arena and dropped a Death and Decay. I guess everyone was scared away by his very presence.

My hands were shaking so bad I missed the achievement screenshot, I was so excited, so it’s probably a good thing there was no one to fight. I have wanted this achievement forever and this is the first time I’ve gotten it.

Later that evening and it was raid time. Karius had been invited on the mostly-guild ToC10 this week. I’d read the strats, so I mostly knew what to do, but still … I was pretty nervous since it was my first time in there. I did die on the worms … the tanks were both bears, and the same colour even, so … yeah, I *think* I was running towards the correct one but owell.

I just have one thing to say about faction champions, and I expected this would be my feelings on it but now that I’ve done it I can say for sure … ZOMG. I WANT TO DO IT AGAIN! FUN!!!! /squee. Sporting Rip’s Arcane Shatter spec, I slowed, I spellstole, I sheeped, I shatter combo’d … it was beautiful. Then again, I do PvP and I like arena, so … I can see how pure raiders would hate it, but most of the people in our guild who raid are … well, on our 5man team. LOL!

You know that wand of awesomeness I got in Ulduar recently? Yeah, replaced. And I got new bracers as well. And I’m so far over the hit rating … I think I might have enough badges to buy the EoT robe though. Anyway … here’s the achievement shot.


Now I just need a few more  bosses in Ulduar .. and Malygos.

Then it was time for the last chances at the HH for the year. I wasn’t holding my breath. Karius only stayed for four of the eight summons, helping Kris get stuff he wanted, then Blood swapped his four 80s in one at a time and I brought Kaly in to try for the pet and other goodies. Well, at least that part was a success.


He also got a ring and the totally awesome plate helm for when he hits 80. Kris is a lucky sonofagun though, and got the helm AND the sword .. all on one drop. Oh well, Kaly has a brewfest maiden charm and a Tankard O’Terror in the bank, so 😛


Question of the day: What is more lethal than a Dual Wield Frost Knight?


Answer: Two of them =P

Yes, in case you hadn’t gotten it already from the hints and screenies above, Katia got more than a new race/name/gender … (s)he also got new specs. Yes, plural. Seeing Kris dps the HH Friday night was all it took to get me to try out his spec, and I’m tellin you … it is FUN. The belf mage killing NPCs in STV might not agree though. Yes, you may all fall on the floor in shock now .. I engaged in acual world PvP with another player my own level! And won!! (multiple times) And liked it !!! (Fiak will find it shocking at least, maybe no one else will.) But … I still intend to tank some stuff, so I robbed the other alts and bought dual specs … and made that one frost as well, but a 2H tank spec. Got to try it out in Nexus, so far I like it.

Is this long enough now? yeah, I think it is. One last shot … Kaly got to at least pretend that I got a flying horse mount.



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32 Responses to “Wrathgate and HH and ToC .. oh my!”

  1. Vikt Says:

    But did someone create another character with your name to tell you that you were no good at PvP? That’s where the fun comes in!

    I haven’t tried a dual wield dps spec on my DK yet, but I think I’m getting closer having seen so many people do it and like it.

  2. repgrind Says:

    LOL! Nope, you are still definitely ahead of me in that regard.

    I have had .. (starts counting then realizes her altism is waaay out of hand and stops) .. ahem, let’s just say a LOT of DKs. Heck, I think there are 4? 5? In the links on the sidebar. doh. Every single one of them has been unholy .. always and forever. Even after what they did to unholy blight (yes, I’m still mad about it). I think, aside from when Wrath launched and I made my very first DK, this is the most fun I have ever had on one. It is definitely worth trying once. I can’t guarantee you will like it, but I’m having a blast.

  3. Euripedes Says:

    Told you arcane shatter was glorious 😀

    Frost is definitely my favorite spec as a DK. I find blood boring, and the only cool part about Unholy is the pets. Unholy is novel.
    Frost, though… oh man. Frost is the cat’s pajamas.

    I highly recommend against 2H frost, though. Your threat will be crippled compared to what it could be as a DW tank. ToT was a HUGE threat bump over 2H, even before it applied to rune strike.

  4. repgrind Says:

    OMG I finally got a comment from Euripedes himself! Took you long enough :p

    Ok, more threat, yay that’s a good thing .. but what about the whole parry gib thing? And making the defense cap since there’s no rune for 1H weapons to match Stoneskin Gargoyle until the next patch? Of course, the last time I geared up a tank was before Ulduar came out, so maybe getting capped is easy now.

    Although, if I have to tank for Kris, I’m gonna need all the threat I can get *grumble*

  5. Elnoriah Says:

    Parry Hasting was recently taken out of every boss EXCEPT the 3 last bosses in ToC the raid.

    Getting to the Dcap is pretty damn easy, but as the DW Tank you’re going to be missing a few gem slots in stam to make up for the lack of Drating. Don’t forget to enchant for the Drating on the cape and chest as well.

    It really is not bad at all.

    But to beat the Parry Gib on the bosses that actually have it you want to shoot for around 30 or so Expertise. (Soft cap for dodge = 26, so a little more than that helps a ton).

  6. repgrind Says:

    Hai Eld! I was hoping you would see this. I was jus about to go poke around your site for info.

    It was? Hmmmm ….. so you can help me with a spec then, right? 😀
    I’m 73 today, I still have a ways to go. I’m certainly not planning to tank ToC anytime soon.

  7. repgrind Says:

    Ok, you guys (or at least Rip is for sure) are saying that DW beats 2H for threat, and Coach Blood is telling me the opposite. Am I gonna have to test it out myself to see which is true? >.<

  8. For The Pie Says:


  9. repgrind Says:

    You know what … I think can settle the issue once and for all.

    /me goes and levels teh future prot pally

    Sometimes being an altoholic is good :p

  10. For The Pie Says:


    Pally tanking is fun.

  11. lagalot Says:

    “Parry Hasting was recently taken out of every boss EXCEPT the 3 last bosses in ToC the raid.” – got a source on this? I see blue posts that parry haste was removed from gormok the impaler and patchwerks. I see forum discussions where people claim it was removed from other stuff, but have nothing to back it up. No blue posts, no logs showing it, people claiming hersay. Wowwiki says this too, unsourced also. So, got a source?

    This is easy enough to test though, and being the first I’ve heard of it outside the bosses mentioned in blue posts, I have not done so.

  12. repgrind Says:

    I couldn’t find any proof either.

    I think that until the patch comes out and I can put the def rune on a 1H weapon, I’m going to be sticking with 2H anyway.

    I’m going to assume that I’m going to be tanking for people that outgear me most of the time, mostly because that has already been the case. I’m sure that affects what kind of build I need.

  13. Elnoriah Says:

    Weird, I could have sworn someone showed me it on the patch notes awhile ago…

    Either way, sure Roz, I can help you out with a spec. If you really are dead-set on trying out 1H Tanking you should just try it. It’s a weapon difference, so if they have to wait a few seconds for you to get aggro, so be it.

    Alrighty then, I’ll catch up with you later on that.

  14. repgrind Says:

    I must admit, after playing mages for so long, I giggle a little every time the lock gets aggro.

  15. Elnoriah Says:

    Oh, and to answer your thought earlier about DW vs. 2H in terms of threat.

    When I did it using Red Sword of Courage and Peacekeeper’s Kitchen Knife of Lolz, I got about 700 ish more TPS as opposed to 2H. 😀

  16. repgrind Says:

    Really, you used those fast of weapons? Yeah, they have tank stats and all, which is nice, but I thought fast was bad. I know for DW DPS you want slow ones, like an enhance shammy.

    Tomorrow I’ll do some more reading. Today my office was torn up most of the day and I didn’t get much computer time.

    Man, maybe I really should get back to the pally. I’ve always wanted a Red Sword of Courage and a Royal Crest of Lordaeron. (Yeah, I know they’re ONLY iLevel 200 .. I don’t care :p )

  17. Elnoriah Says:

    Yes, fast weapons are not what we want, but this was Pre Ony (That 1H weapon was MADE for DW Tanking I swear!), and the only half-decent slow 1H Tanking weapon was in 25 Naxx (to my knowledge at least).

    Plus, next patch we can use 1H DPS weapons to Tank due to the Stoneskin Gargoyle 1H Rune. There are quite a few more, and more easily obtainable slow 1H DPS weapons.

  18. repgrind Says:

    Ok, side question here. I looked up the sword you’re talking about … it’s unique but there are 10 and 25 man versions with slightly different names. Does that mean you could use one of each? And if so, would you even want to? I’m a noob at this.

  19. For The Pie Says:

    Pally tanks want fast weapons, I am pretty sure Warrior tanks do too.

    Of course, i am searching for a non-unholy leveling build for my orc DK, who is awesome. Of course, he’ll be wielding the Arcanite Ripper hierloom axe.

  20. repgrind Says:

    Yep .. I was referring specifically to death knight DW tanking when talking about the slow weapon speeds.

    Kris is using some blood spec now that he thought up, and is soloing all the elite group quests in Dragonblight at level 74. He’s convinced that he can’t die. I’m sticking with the DW frost because it’s too much fun, I can’t stop.

    He chose not to use an heirloom weapon because you can’t put runes on them.

  21. For The Pie Says:

    Well, until I get his herbing up to Outlands level, he won’t switch out of unholy. On a steel…err pale horse is too good from moving node to node.

    The heirloom axe is better flat dps than the Blue axe from the end of the DK starter area, but not by much. I suspect the extra dps will make up for the lack of runes. Plus I can put 25 agi on the heirloom.

    Or Fiery…because I am a tard.

  22. repgrind Says:

    Ugh, yeah, I just got Kaly’s herbing and mining up to 300 last night. I totally miss OaPH. But when it comes to killing things ….

    You’re just starting a new one then? What happened to .. was it Cowbell?

  23. For the Pie Says:

    Deleted. Cuz you know I delete characters like you roll a new human.

  24. repgrind Says:

    So you’ve deleted enough toons to fill up all of Fikkle’s accounts? Dude, you’re a mass murderer.

  25. For The Pie Says:

    Wait until I start deleting the alliance side of things.

    and next time I haxx ur account I’ll delete your toons in addition to sharding ur purples.

    because i am a mean man mr. grinch.

  26. For The Pie Says:

    oh and the real issue with my character deleting is how many higher level characters I’ve dumped. I think all of us have deleted lowbies…

    But it takes real craziness to dump a level 70 character.

  27. repgrind Says:

    Bah. Blood is still crazier … deleting a level 80 in all kinds of purples with all kinds of titles to make a new one of the same class because he wanted to be a different race … 3 days before race changes came out. hehe! Laughing about that will never get old.

    Sorry Blood, I love ya babe, but it IS funny.

  28. For The Pie Says:

    What Blood did rhymes with Trucking Nuts…

  29. repgrind Says:

    Yeah, but I’m glad he did, because I’m having all kinds of fun leveling with him. ❤

  30. Troutwort Says:

    Your mount doesn’t fly. Mind does. 😛

  31. repgrind Says:

    I know. /cry

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