Yes! I SOOOOO Called It!

/rant on

Race Changes Now Available!

I totally told Blood that as soon as he deleted the original Kris to reroll human, that race changes would probably go into effect today. And guess what? Hohoho! I’m falling out my desk chair laughing. Sorry babe, but that is just WAY too funny.

Now … do I race change Katia into a human male? You know I want to. YOU KNOW I WANT TO! Hmmm ….. seriously, I might even fall in love with playing a DK again once she’s … not a female draenei. Yes, I know the guys I play with would much rather flirt with a female toon but you know what? I’m paying the cash to play the game and they’re my toons, and ultimately, I’m the one that spends the time staring at their backsides and putting time and effort into them.

So .. any suggestions on what Katia’s new name should be? I have two hours here at work yet before I can go home and turn her into a man. :p



9 Responses to “Yes! I SOOOOO Called It!”

  1. Eldadres Says:

    Make her a Male Space Goat!

    Come on!!!

  2. repgrind Says:

    No! I am sooooo addicted to Every Man For Himself. I want my free PvP trinket nao!

    Names, dude, names. C’mon, you’re not helping :p

  3. repgrind Says:

    Oh .. I said reroll. Editing post to say race change instead. my bad

  4. For The Pie Says:

    The DK gets a pvp trinket for free too.

  5. repgrind Says:

    Yes .. a crappy ass 5 min CD trinket that uses up a trinket slot.

  6. forthepie Says:

    Just trying to be helpful.

  7. repgrind Says:

    You just want me to make a gnome :p

  8. Vikt Says:

    Reading the part about the deleted character is rough – I could never lose that much work.

    I really felt this the other day when you posted it (I’m so not looking), but ya – you brought it back up so it’s all relevant ;p

  9. repgrind Says:

    Yeah, I totally couldn’t do it either. Heck, I felt bad deleting my level 16 priest, but knowing that it was because I was resurrecting a previously abandoned level 41 priest to take his place made it acceptable.

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