Five Down

So, last night we went back into Ulduar. We did not extend the raid ID from last week … most of our raid can benefit from drops on the first bosses still, so why skip over it? Not to mention, we have a couple spots that are different each week, and a lot of people who haven’t seen any of the fights  before.

Last week, I gunned in a siege engine. This week, I drove a demolisher. FL was down before I knew it. I still have no clue whether I shot the pyrite barrels in the right spots, but afterwards, my gunner whispered a ‘nice job’ to me.  And you know what? That was probably the highlight of the night. This is a person that I haven’t talked to a whole lot, and haven’t really grouped with, so it was quite a surprise and really made my night.

Razorscale took two tries, but that can pretty much be solely blamed on the fact that the priest got disconnected at the very start of the fight and couldn’t get back on.   Second try went smoothly.

This week we tanked XT on the opposite wall from last week, and had adds from an extra corner, but other than a DPS blowing up part of the raid with a Gravity thingy, he was downed with little effort. He dropped a really nice caster dagger. The raid leader is like ‘well with HToC probably no one is going to need that’ … both mages and the lock rolled. I think all three of us were using the crafted Titansteel Spellblade. Haha! Congrats to Fal, that’s one nice looking weapon. 😀

We skipped Iron Council this week .. ( but I watched the videos for it this time!! Blargh) .. and went right ahead to Kologarn. Another one-shot … priest dies from adds or something right at the end and is hollering in vent that he’s down. Good times. It’s not a successful raid until the priest dies.

From there we went ahead to Auriaya the Crazy Cat Lady. Guess what? I had spent the last half hour of work watching Auriaya videos. Go me! What a crazy fight. I mean seriously, it’s hard to stand in front of the boss when you’ve been so conditioned to not do that. Although, I guess if I think of it like killing Korth’azz in the Four Horsemen fight, it’s not so weird. Our DPS on the adds was slow, so the raid leader told us just to concentrate on the boss while the OT handed the Feral Defender. I did take care of the swarm whenever she cast it though. First half of the fight I kept getting locked out. doh! Yes, I watched the video and STILL screwed that part up. I learned though. Next time, it won’t happen at all. Oh, and I got Nurturing Touch! My previous wand was the iLevel 146 green wand from that quest at Light’s Trust in Dragonblight. What?? It had hit on it and the iLevel 200 ones were only minor upgrades. It’s not like I went to Ulduar with an iLevel 25 offhand. owait ….

On to Hodir. No, I didn’t watch a video. I will before the next raid though. Man, all I have to say so far about it is … fun fight! We did make it to the enrage timer on about our third attempt, so we obviously got to be good enough at staying alive to start learning how to do the fight. We got this! He’s going down next time for sure.

I sucked at screenshots last night.  I didn’t take any. But it’s ok, because I have to go work now, so I’ll just post this one instead. What, did you really think there wouldn’t be a ‘Karius & Blood’ screenie today? Haha, fooled you.


OH!! I almost forgot … Blood came back to the guild last night! Woo!! Welcome back. 😉


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7 Responses to “Five Down”

  1. Randul the Dwarf Says:

    I’ve done Auriaya many times and I’m not a caster, but how do you not get locked out on that fight? I thought it was a random thing with the cat pouncing you or something.

  2. Troutwort Says:

    This screenshot is awesome and yet almost made me barf a little.

  3. kaif01 Says:

    You barfed only a little?

    And it’s not funny when the priest dies. Not at all.

  4. repgrind Says:

    Um .. you have to not be casting when she casts … well, now I don’t see anything about it. I could have sworn it said something in the Tankspot video. I’ll have to watch it again later.

    At my wonderful guildies … 😛
    come on, it’s an adorable screenshot
    And you’re lucky, I had four queued up to post, and only used one, so there

  5. Eldadres Says:

    I’m pretty sure that the pounces are random, just get a DK to ninja-grip that sheit away from the raid when it hits 5% and you’re golden!

  6. tehblood Says:

    Did someone say pounces?!?

    /pounces on Karius!

  7. repgrind Says:

    Yeah, ok, so …. I r nub. Ignis’ Flame Jets is the thing that locks out casting. See what happens when I watch vidoes for multiple fights that I’ve never done?

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