Who Needs Sleep?

After Scathalon’s adventures in my previous post, I logged onto Karius to prepare for arena night. Of course, as so often goes, I get invited to heroics almost as soon as I log. Well, why the heck not, Fiak just called and won’t be on for 45 minutes. So it’s off to HToC. To be honest … I don’t even know what dropped. All I know is, it wasn’t for me. Well, actually … I might have gotten Gaze of the Unknown. I think it’s in my bag. I’ll wear it eventually, I promise … just let me enjoy my tier bonus for a little while.

Arena … yeah. Big points this week, baby, we be doin 3 way, er, 3 man now. What could be more fun than dragging a disc priest in pve gear/spec with, like, 6 BGs and 3 WGs worth of pvp experience under his belt, along to some rated 3v3 matches? We lost the first 5 or 6, but in the first win, after I got focus fired and killed, they pulled it off nicely…and the reaction in the guild to Elgar’s ‘Step Into The Arena’ achievement was well worth watching him die so many times. We ended up 2-8, so not really any worse than Jaha and I did in our first week of 2v2.

Well, once that was done (much to Elgar’s relief I’m sure) then it was off to more heroics. First we hit the UP/UK double play. Kaif got his Red Sword of Awesomesauce from Ymiron! Woo!! He’s almost ready to try tanking HToC. UK was quick and easy. Karius hadn’t done it even on regular yet, so he completed the old gray quests for it while we were there, and enjoyed the achievements popping on the screen at the end. He and Bloodfrenzy are in a bit of an unofficial competition to see who can spam guild chat with the most achievements. I think they were neck and neck in the dance competition before this shot. Too bad you missed out, Blood. =P


Then we swapped out one guildy dps for another and hit Drak’Tharon. I picked up the ‘Oh Novos’ achievement in that one.

Hm. Ok, this is out of order, because this stairway .. well, it looks like we’re in UP, so it should have been before the dancing on Ingvar’s corpse shot, but whatever. I can put screenies of Karius and Elgar in their matching ugly shoulders wherever I want. It’s my blog. =P


Well, apparently Elgar had more fun in arena than he let on, because the three of us (Elgar, Jahafil, and Karius) queued up for some AB after the heroics were over. During the course of the Heroics, Blood had finished off Explore Northrend. Well, we can’t have this now. So I hopped on my Merv and started ticking off places I needed to visit in between battlegrounds. Over the course of the ride, I killed two rares and flew over a third that had just been taken out by some warlock.

I felt awful bad about this one, to be honest … especially once I realized she wasn’t even on the achievement list … but to be fair, I checked the zone and the guild for anyone interested first. Sorry Blood, I don’t think I could have kited her long enough for you to make a worgen hunter and level it to 80. I’ll make it up to ya somehow. 😉


I got everything explored except for a couple places each in Icecrown, Sholazar, and Boring. I decided it had to wait though, because it was almost 4am!!11!!!1 … and I had to be at work this morning at 9am. Y’all are baaaad influences.

I teleported back to Dal, said my goodnights … and happened to notice this warrior standing around looking good in his plate armor. Didn’t take him long to lose the armor though … apparently he read enough of the blog to know what it takes to get his picture posted all over it. You’re lookin pretty good without that helmet on, babe. =P


Maybe you shoulda clicked off the Noggenfoggy though, you’re kinda tiny. ^^

Let’s try fixing that, shall we?

Gnomer, it’s photobucket so you won’t be able to see it from work. If you want to see a hot mostly-naked human warrior … come back when you get home. 😉

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