End of the Road

Way back when, June 3 to be exact, I stumbled on this little blog called Crits and Giggles. It sounded like a place full of altoholics who just enjoy the game and play to have fun, but would like to eventually raid a little. I thought this sounded like just what I was looking for, but unfortunately … they were Alliance. Still, judging from the comment I left there, the idea had been planted in my brain somewhere, even though I was adamantly against it at the time.

So, about three weeks later, my server was down. Looking for something to do, I rolled a DK over on Winterhoof and whispered Trout. I was rewarded with a prompt ginvite. I intended just to visit over there once in awhile, you know, say hi, dance a bit, the usual shenanigans. A week later, I rolled a mage. The rest, as they say, is history.

Karius got to go on the extension of last week’s raid. Spider, Thaddius, Plague, Sapph, and KT left. We warmed up on spider. Easy mode. Thaddius gave us a wipe, but geez … a two shot for the guild’s first kill is not bad at all! Keep in mind here, probably only half of us had any real raid experience. (If you can call clearing Naxx three or four times experience. I’ve wiped a lot more than I’ve killed for sure.)

Plague was fun. Trout, I can’t thank you enough times for encouraging me to get Decursive. It made it soooo much easier than that stupid mouseover macro I was using. I wanted to laugh at Noth’s poor attempts to curse the raid. Ha! He’s a wuss. And Heigan … I lived! Yay!! I didn’t even have run speed increase on my boots. I guess I can go without it, I put Icewalker on the new ones I got because for now I need the hit.

Sapphiron….Sapphiron can kiss my mana strudel. Between dodging blizzards and decursing his stupid Drain Life, I could never get a full stack of Arcane Blast up on his boney behind. But it’s ok, because he ended up like this:


Take that!

Kel’Thuzad was … well, he was easy as far as my point of view went.  I only got mana bombed twice, I only got ice blocked once, I never got a void zone … stand and cast, stand and cast. Yeah I had to eat all three mana gems, evocate twice, and use a mana pot, but …


They tell me the main tank went down and was brezzed. I guess I was too busy figuring out how to get more mana or something. >.>

He dropped my tier helm token! This is the fourth toon I have killed KT on. Can’t say completed Naxx on, really, because I was only level 76 last week when the guild cleared the first half. Anyway, this is the first time I’ve ever had a tier helm. Sadly, I remember when Naxx was the height of progression and there would be loot drama and offers of 1000g to be the one to get the token.

I turned my helm back on for the first time since I had that wizard hat back in the 50’s. Isn’t he sexy?


Of course, the acquisition of new gear had me scrambling to get back to the hit cap, as well as getting new gems and enchants and all that good stuff. Poor Trout had to make me a robe, and an offhand, and a metagem, and I’d already put him to work pre-raid making flasks for myself and Jaha. I even took Elgar shopping with me!


Sorry I kept you up too late. You are awesome! =P

Other Happenings Around the Guild

Saturday night a few of us ran a couple regular dungeons to get one of our up and coming tanks some gear to get defense capped. We pugged a really cool dps warrior, and had a lot of fun with him. Well, he helped some guildies out in another run sometime in the next couple days and was invited to consider joining us. Last night as I’m standing around in Dal, he whispers me to ask if the invite still stands. Hells yeah! I was more than happy to invite him, and he even brought a couple friends along.  So, welcome to the guild, Blood! Here we are having fun Saturday night before starting CoS:


And … since it wouldn’t be my blog without some nekkidness somewhere, here are Karius and Wraebe having a fun drunken time on the last night of Brewfest. 🙂


We each puked four times on the last keg. Good times! 😀


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15 Responses to “End of the Road”

  1. repgrind Says:

    We like mages. Come play with us!! ^^

  2. Troutwort Says:

    Ha ha, it’s not an RP server. It’s RF server (Real FUN!).

  3. repgrind Says:

    Oh gosh .. another successful conversion in progress here? hehehe

    Make a placeholder, make a DK, come hang out for an evening just to chat. That’s what I did. Look where it led me! ROFL

  4. kaif01 Says:

    I saw the title “End of the Road” and thought, wtf, she’s quitting?

    I still don’t know what it refers to.

  5. repgrind Says:

    Yeah, I’m a sucky writer. No, that wasn’t sarcasm this time. I expect you all to know what’s in my head, even though my train of thought even leaves -me- confused much of the time.

    It’s the reaching of the goal, you know, getting to 80 and raiding and ultimately … admitting that yes, I am Alliance now.

  6. Troutwort Says:

    Oh god, was I really that low on mana at the end of both those fights? I don’t remember it happening that way, but those screenshots seem to imply that!

  7. kaif01 Says:

    To Trout: It looks like you were 17% at the end of KT, but that’s understandable – it gets pretty spammy on the OT at the end, the adds do progressively more damage as time goes on (if I recall). And it looks like you only had about 90 seconds left on shadowfiend cooldown and hadn’t used HoH, so you were fine.

    Also, the other healer(s) were druids, so you end up having to get a little bit spammy to keep the frost tombed people up since you’re much more effective at it than druids (since nourish spam is so hard…)

  8. repgrind Says:

    Wasn’t Cael healing? Or had he switched to tanking then? I know I remember him tanking part of the night. That was 3 nights ago now though, I can’t be expected to remember every detail, especially since I’m *just* the dps. =P

    The only thing I remember from Sapph is that #%@@ Life Drain popping up on my screen so often I thought it was gonna get burned into my monitor.

    @Ari – That’s great! Del will already know where everything is when you bring him along to Winterhoof. 😀

  9. tehblood Says:

    Hi Karius, that was fun in CoS! You’re a great dancer too!

  10. repgrind Says:

    Hi Blood! I have more from the other night in IF. :p

  11. repgrind Says:

    Bah! He never visited OUR Alliance. We would hug him, and squeeze him, and call him … Del! =P

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