30 Seconds and Done

So, as I was heading out to do some dailies yesterday after work, I looked at Karius’ bank account.

Hmm .. 4700g .. almost enough for epic flight! I could borrow from the bank alt and easily have enough. Or .. I could buy dual specs so I can PvP. Hmmmm .. epic flight, dual spec, epic flight, dual spec, epic flight ………

When I ported to Stormwind to catch a croc for the Shatt fishing daily, I bought dual spec.  Might as well get a spec now, even though I have no gear yet other than 4 pieces of Frostsavage. (Thanks Schubert! /hug) At least being human, I don’t have to waste honor on a pvp trinket.

Buying the spec is the easy part. Filling it out … well, if I was an idiot, I’d copy the spec off Roz and be done with it. Fortunately, I’m a little smarter than that. Roz’s spec is a couple patches ago and hinges on having a disc priest partner. Karius won’t have anyone throwing heals at him. Instead, he will have a partner capable of putting out an equal or even greater amount of burst damage….complete with an equal amount of squishableness, but hey, no one’s perfect.

Finding a guide to speccing arcane for pvp is about as easy as finding a guide to speccing frost for raiding. So, let’s pick apart my build a little. Maybe it will help someone out, although I’d lay odds that I’m more likely to be told what I’ve done wrong with it. If you have advice on it, even negative, by all means, please leave a comment! I might see some reasoning that I hadn’t thought of, I might say no, I want it this way because of x … or I might just laugh. I can’t guarantee that I won’t. :p

It is important to note that, since I’m playing double dps here, I put very little into surviving in melee, focusing on damage and resistances. Without my disc buddy to shield/pain suppression/penance me, if I get focused by melee, I’m going to die. It doesn’t matter how much armor I have. If we do 3s later on with a disc partner, I can make adjustments to the spec then. This is based purely on partnering with an enhance shaman.

Both of them are 60/0/11, but with variations in where the points are spent.

Karius’ build

Rozjin’s build

Arcane Talents

Tier One:  In both specs I took Arcane Subtletly and Arcane Focus.  I don’t know how much dispelling is going to happen with the double burst team, but a better chance of keeping your buffs from being dispelled can’t hurt. Lower mana cost from Focus is always a good thing, and the hit means I don’t need to worry about getting hit on the pvp gear. Why not Arcane Stability? If the opponent is close enough to be affecting my pushback, I’m probably not casting anyway, unless it’s frost nova and blink.

Tier Two: Fill out Magic Absorption. Put 3 in Arcane Concentration. Karius eventually put a fourth point in it when he had a leftover point to use. Everything I’ve read says Arcane Fortitude is crap. I’ve seen some people with it, and some without it. Since I am eschewing talents that bolster my armor, I skipped it.

Tier Three: Fill out Spell Impact. Moar damage plz kkthxbai. Roz took 1 in Magic Attunement and 1 in Focus Magic. Karius put both points in Magic Attunement. Here lies one of my questions. Roz had Focus Magic because he’s playing with another caster. If the shaman were elemental Karius would have taken it. I don’t really know how enhance shaman work though.  Do their attacks count as spells? Would I get benefit from casting it on them, or am I better off with the extra range and improved Dampen Magic, which I am buffing us with in this combo because, duh, there’s no healing going on? /shrug. Might have to test that out if no one has a good answer.

Tier Four: Do I need to tell you to fill out Torment the Weak? No? Good. Same goes for Improved Counterspell, it’s a no-brainer. Karius ended up also throwing a couple of points in Arcane Meditation. Roz had issues with mana, but with the team makeup, matches lasted awhile and sometimes drinking/evocating happened multiple times. Without heals, Karius is going to have to pound out the damage as fast as possible, which will require keeping himself in mana without stopping. We’ll see how this goes though. If mana is never an issue, that is one place I may take points out of to put in … oh, I dunno, Incineration perhaps. Roz didn’t care about Incineration because he honestly doesn’t use AB enough for it to matter. Oh, and there’s that Arcane Shielding, too. Roz always has PW:Shield, screw mana shield… and he never has mage armor up unless there’s a lock involved. Karius is going to be running mage armor regularly, and has no priest to shield him. So, anyone out there know if it’s a talent worth looking at? I’m still torn over whether I should have tossed a point there.

Tier Five: Finally, an easy decision! Fill out all three.

Tier Six: Fill out Arcane Instability and Prismatic Cloak. More damage out, less damage in. Roz has a point in Arcane Potency, Karius does not. Why? Good question, especially since Karius has a higher chance of proccing Clearcasting. Another good candidate for a spot to move a point to if I’m not having mana issues.

Tier Seven: Fill out Arcane Empowerment and Arcane Power. Roz took Incanter’s Absorption, Karius did not. It all goes back to that thing of being PW:Shielded all the time. No priest, no need for the talent, unless I plan on using mana shield a lot.

The Rest of the Tree: Fill it all out. You know you wanna. Roz only had 1 in Arcane Flows, and I dug around looking for a spot to take a point from so he could finish it. I never did manage to. Does Karius need 2 minute evocation? Not likely, but he might get to invis or PoM more than once in a match on occasion.

Fire Talents

Oh. Well, if you do want to put points here, put them in Incineration. I skipped the fire tree completely.

Frost Talents

Tier One: Fill out Ice Floes and put a couple in Frostbite. Ice Floes is great, shorter cooldown on Frost Nova and other useful things like Ice Block. The other points are filler.

Tier Two: Here is where I ran into big questions. Roz filled out Precision and Frost Warding. He took Frost Warding because it gave him more armor. Karius doesn’t  care about armor. Boo armor. Now, Roz’s build was made before Permafrost got its mortal strike capability. Karius took a look at that and thought “hmm….can I make this work in a non-frost build?” … so he filled out Permafrost and put only 2 points in Precision. Now here’s the deal … how is he going to apply this? A long-cast-time frostbolt? I suppose he could have taken the two points in Frostbite and used them in Improved Frostbolt instead. How about PoM frostbolt/frostfire bolt? Some more things to play around with in duel testing I suppose.

Tier Three: Icy Veins….and don’t forget to glyph it. The extra freedom from snares is well worth it.

So … how did it all work out? What, did you think I was going to play battlegrounds until I’m geared out? Heck with that! If I’m building this to play arenas, then I’m going to play arenas. I mean, so what if I haven’t even set foot in a heroic instance yet. (It’s true, sadly enough. Well, whaddaya want? He just dinged Friday night!) So, one night after dinging 80, there I am with my 140 resilience and no glyphs, doing arena with Jahafil (aka Fiak on the other side).

We named our team 30 Seconds and Done, which is about how long our matches should last. We expected to go 0-10 and collect our points. We did start with about 5 losses. You start out with a Matchmaking Value (MMV) of 1500. yeowch! So you have to lose a few before you face bad teams. Our first win, we never even saw the opponents. I guess they dc’ed or left the queue after we had already entered the match?

We had some real wins though, too. And some close calls. Get this … we beat a resto druid/DK team. Here is where our experience and time spent playing together paid off. We opened focusing the DK because the druid was stealthed. Jaha switched to the druid when the tree popped, I stayed on the DK till we had the druid half down … switch over, counterspell his bark-covered butt, and put him down. /cheer!

This one hunter/paladin team totally pwned our faces. But, we faced them again later. I don’t even remember how we did it, but I remember being chased by a bubbled pally after the hunter was dead, with me blinking and lifeblooding and everything I could to stay ahead of him while Jaha finished him off. hahaha. Good times.

There were at least two matches where I ended up 1v1. In Roz’s gear, the paladin would have been hard pressed to beat me after her priest was flattened. In Karius’ gear … I got to be a pincushion. The ele shaman/DK … I counterspelled a lava burst and got the shaman just as they finished off Jaha. I was already at low health though and had no chance of beating the DK. Again, in Roz’s gear … maybe I could have come out on top.

Either way, we had a rocking good time  and finished 4-9. We got a couple good wins, proved that even in crappy gear, a little skill can win a match, and got a little preview of what kind of damage we can put out with some better gear.

Ok, anyone still reading? Cool. Ooh, Wintergrasp is starting. Bye!

ETA: I need a macro to pop all my big stuff at once … Arcane Power, Icy Veins, trinkets (once I acquire some), and Mirrors. Anything else I’m forgetting there, and is there a certain order they should be cast in?


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2 Responses to “30 Seconds and Done”

  1. repgrind Says:

    Hmm. Good point. I’ll probably end up getting focus magic back in the build sooner or later anyway.

    I hadn’t really thought about it before, but the Improved Blink is really more useful for me in BGs than in arena … I’m not sure I could go without it just for that fact.

    Ahh! I forgot about the shorter cast time on the lower rank spell. Thank you!

    Playing double burst, generally the mirrors get popped as soon as we engage. If I need to invis before they are killed or their time is up, I’m probably a goner anyway. 😉

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