And Now …

… the screenshots you all have been waiting for!


Exploration ding ftw.

Can you see the person Karius is grouped with there? Does the name ‘Jaarka‘ ring any bells? Yes, believe it or not, after holding out for quite some time, Jaarka the orc hunter is now Jaarka the hot nelf. The mission is complete! An astounding success, if I do say so myself. Wait, what? I was supposed to be converting Crits and Giggles to Horde, not converting Ashes of Tirisfal to Alliance? Well, dangit.

Anyway … I know what you all REALLY want to see. After all, I did it for Roz, because he had to show off after Gnomer did.  And THEN …. Schubert had to outdo us all. Well, I can’t beat 9 gnomes, but 4 trolls and 4 humans weigh a WHOLE lot more than 9 gnomes … so there! =P



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3 Responses to “And Now …”

  1. sylus Says:

    Disturbing…just, disturbing….Imma go vomit now…
    ~Uncle Sy

  2. repgrind Says:

    Oh come on, I mean, I know he’s no Elgar, but he’s pretty cute anyway.

    I bet you’d rather see gnaked gnomes, wouldn’t you? Sicko.

  3. Eldadres Says:

    I thought Jaar was better as an Orc.


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