Pirates’ Day – Yaaarrrr!


Well, as it turns out … I’m home in bed all weekend with a nasty cold. Poor me, right? Well, not really, as it allowed me to attend a couple of ingame events yesterday that I would have missed otherwise because of a real life function that I had to miss instead.

It Came From The Blog

FIrst up we had the It Came From The Blog Pirates’ Day event. These are always fun and Robiness does a great job organizing them. This one was short and sweet, we just ran from Org to Ratchet, took the boat to Booty Bay, and got the achievement. That doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of some screenshots though.

Here we are running through the Barrens.


I’m sure my fellow mages out there are familiar with Arcane Brilliance. You see who I’m autofollowing in this next shot? Yes, that actually IS Christian Belt. Seriously, how awesome is that? Lock bashing did occur … how could it not?


And in this last shot you can see C. Christian Moore, who writes about arena, thanking everyone for coming. We really crowded that roof!



Next up we had Gnomestock, sponsored by Samueltempus over at Slice and Dice and his guild, Bucklers of Swash.

The race wasn’t your usual gnaked gnome race. Sam had to throw in a twist. We had to run to Thelsamar, and take the flight path back to Ironforge. That meant somehow, we had to make 1s 4c to pay for the flight. I have no idea how the winner did it, I was still in the starting area killing stuff.

Sam wants screenshots? He’ll get screenshots.


Next we all met in Ironforge and made a circle around the Great Forge and threw Happy Fun Rocks around the circle. I was kinda disappointed that this didn’t last longer, because it was a riot seeing so many gnomes there. Check the zone map in the lower right corner of this shot!


Then it was time for the zeppelin race. I *hope* someone got better shots than I did, because it was truly epic. We ran back to the starting zone from the gates of IF, and if you throw someone a paper zeppelin, and they throw it again before it reaches them, they will spawn indefinitely … or something like that. We had hundreds of them chase us.


From there we were ported to Thelsamar, where we turned into Pirates and ninjas and took over the ship full of deserters off the coast.  Of course, I had to show off my fancy dance moves.


Look! It’s a Revix!


Yes, I know it’s a crappy shot. I tried to set a good one up, and people kept getting in the way and I finally gave up.  >.<

One more because the ship photos were just epic.


We ended the official events with The Portal Game. Drop a bunch of mage portals right on top of each other, and hope you get lucky and get someplace cool, like Dalaran, instead of ending up a few feet away in Theramore. Meh, I got Shattrath. That’s like second best after Dal. Those of us who ended up there posed for moar screenshots.


And of course, the night wouldn’t be complete without a Hogger raid, even though it wasn’t officially part of the event. Yes, I really do have 4 combo points built up on him here! /flex


Once we’d cleared a camp and killed Hogger not once, but twice, we sat around the campfire for some photo ops.


And … then we all stood in the campfire. Roasted gnome …. yummy.


Thanks again for a great night, Sam! Being sick isn’t fun, but if I ever was glad to be sick, it was last night.


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7 Responses to “Pirates’ Day – Yaaarrrr!”

  1. Troutwort Says:

    Ha ha, that’s awesome!

  2. repgrind Says:

    Oh, you’re home. Carry me through Coren Direbrew? 😀

  3. Revix Says:

    Good stuff that Gnomestock. I like the random pic of me in there lol.

  4. Mac, THE paladin tank. Says:

    Awesome! A blog post about Gnomestock that has guitar playing in it! (The final one with the undead in it.).
    Too bad my mouse decided to play merry hell and turn him around = (

  5. repgrind Says:

    OMG, Macgyveer actually visited my blog! Squee!

    I have an even better one of you lying down and going to sleep next to the campfire full of dead gnomes. I almost posted that one. I still can if you want to see it. 😉

    In fact, I have a ton of screenies to post tomorrow. I’ll add that one especially for you. 😀

  6. Mac, THE paladin tank. Says:

    I be happy!
    Everything is right with the world!

  7. repgrind Says:

    Yay! Making other people happy makes me happy, too. 🙂

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