Sam over at Slice and Dice is planning a super awesome event called Gnomestock. Now, I’m sure most of you have seen gnaked gnome races before. Those are nothing compared to what Sam has planned. Yes, there is a gnaked race, but he’s promised some sort of twist to  it. He’s also got about three OTHER things planned along with that. Go, click the link now and read about it.

Done? Awesome. If you actually clicked the link and read, you know that it will be on Saturday, September 19 on the Mug’Thol(US) server. This is both awesome and tragic. It is awesome because it is Pirates’ Day and Sam’s guild is named Bucklers of Swash. It is tragic because … I won’t be able to attend. /cry 

SO … go for me and report on how much fun you had, mmkay? I’m counting on you!


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