Transferring Factions!

So, you see this little Tauren here?


That little symbol next to her name in the character select bar there? Yeah, once your faction transfer is complete, you click that, and it takes you to a screen similar to the character creation screen…except certain choices are blocked out. Obviously, you can’t change classes … so she was restricted to choosing a Night Elf and a Druid, since no other race can be druids on Alliance (yet). BUT .. she could choose either gender and was free to design the toon to her liking. Once I realized she could change genders, I cancelled out of it and logged into the level 2 druid that you can see in the list there. He was soon deleted and she was remade in his image and with his name.


Wow, that was a fast 10 levels for Kal! /giggle

So yes, I spent $55 to move a level 12 from one realm to another, AND change factions. Why, you ask?  Well, how about ….


Huzzah! Yes, that’s right! Roz and Juna emptied their pockets of shards and seals, and purchased heirloom robes and shoulders for baby drood to take along for Karius. TOTALLY worth the cash. 😀


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3 Responses to “Transferring Factions!”

  1. Ravven Says:

    Nice – I’ve been eyeing my lonely, unplayed 55 Draenei pally and wondering how she would look as a Belf. 😀

  2. For the Pie Says:

    She will look like she needs to eat about 10 hamburgers, with fries and shakes.

    She will twirl when she jumps, often. She will grunt and squeal when she gets hit.

    But she will be a woman….regardless of the gender you pick in the character creation screen.

    She just may be huskier than the smaller girl gender.

  3. gnomeaggedon Says:

    lol… good work…

    Still… the tauren has prettier eyes…

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