Plundering Ingvar

After getting that full level on Katia to get her ready for Northrend, as usual, the gang in Crits had plans for her. “Anyone up for regular UK?” Heck yes. No quests yet … in fact, Kat hadn’t even been to Northrend yet (not counting being hearthed in Dal since Day 1) … but I wasn’t gonna let details like that stop me.

“We need a tank,” one of the party members says. Heh. Level 68, fresh out of Outland with nary a Northrend item to my name, sporting 8k health in my tank gear and frost presence … here I am! It’s ok, Sib is healing. We’ll be fine as long as he *cough* targets me instead of himself. /pat

So we wander on in with Sibelius the 70 tree, Katia the 68 DK, Mordune the 70 lock, Ced the 80 hunter, and Bannock, Fikkle’s 72 pally. And we really … had no problems. I died late in the fight with the two bosses that have to die together. The big dude critted me hard. I probably should see if I can grab some more defense gear off the AH. And then Ingvar got both Bannock and me just before he went down, with that stupid spinning axe thing that I forgot about and couldn’t move away from fast enough.

But really, it was a fine run. Mord got a few upgrades, and Bannock got the nice axe that Ingvar dropped at the end. I know I’ll be back in there at least once, now that I have the quests, so hopefully the big oaf will drop it again for me.

Oh yeah, and the part you’ve all been waiting for … the screenshots!!


Doesn’t Mord look hawt in demon form? And Sib popped tranquility for us to give it that special “it’s a party!” atmosphere.


It just wouldn’t be the same without a naked shot for the blog now, would it? I suspect Bannock just wanted to make sure he’d get some press time on the blog.


Katia and Mordune checking out Kamagua. Sib was super nice and escorted us to all the flight points in the Fjord and then we all took the boat to Moa’ki. From there Kat rode alone and picked up Stars’ Rest and … Fordragon Hold? Fordring Hold? meh .. the place up north near the Wrathgate. Now she can fly direct from Dal out to Valgarde.

She quested a level in Valgarde yesterday and has the quests .. from here it’s over to Borean I think, so she can work on getting to the quests for Nexus.

Thanks for a fun time, guys! Hope we can do some more. 😀

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6 Responses to “Plundering Ingvar”

  1. Troutwort Says:

    Best screenshot ever. The one with Bannock naked.

    The one with Mordune in demon form is pretty cool too. I died laughing when he popped it on some trash and then taunted all the mobs off you. That’s our Mord!! 😀

  2. repgrind Says:

    Hehehe! Yep. ❤

  3. kaif01 Says:

    lvl ur tank plz kk tks

  4. repgrind Says:

    I’m workin on it!

  5. lagalot Says:

    How’d ya do tanking vs Ced? Good practice!

  6. repgrind Says:

    Not too bad, really. I actually surprised myself, I expected to have a lot more problems keeping aggro. The whole run went quite well, I think. 😀

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