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August 19, 2009

Things Jaarka and Roz do for fun in their spare time ….

Is it gonna attack?

Is it gonna attack?

Takk waits patiently while pirate Jaarka and ninja Roz have their fun.

Crap, its attacking!

Crap, it's attacking!

Not sure, but I think Takk might be laughing at us.

Yep, we blew it up ... with our fists! /flex

Yep, we blew it up ... with our fists! /flex

We spent about 45 minutes or so hanging out in Southern Boring Tundra working on these, and both walked away with an unarmed skill of 400 and the accompanying achievement.


Another thing you can try for fun .. the night before last we headed out to Eversong Woods to work on Silvermoon rep .. because blowing through low level quests is way more fun than turning in Champion’s Writs, right? Well, we did them by stripping down to rings and trinkets, and then for an added twist, we put on things we got as drops and quest rewards as we got them. Here we have Roz demonstrating his awesome fistfighting capabilities..and lack of luck on drops. ^^

Float like a Tauren, sting like a backrub.

Float like a Tauren, sting like a backrub.

In Ur Heroicz, Stealin Ur Tier Gear

August 16, 2009

As I’m sure most of you are aware, there was much gnashing of teeth and/or offering up of sacrifices to Blizz when the changes to emblem drops were enacted with patch 3.2. The serious raiders don’t want it to be so easy for others to get gear that they had to work hard for, while the more casual, and especially the more alt-addicted, among us are cheering because we can get upgrades by doing what we do best .. heroics.

Now, way back when, like say … February and March … Juna was doing Naxx in a regular group.  There was one mage in particular who caught her attention, and it was part of the reason that Roz got leveled so fast … those glorious missile barrages, the sparkly T7 shoulders, and the top of the damage meter … yeah, I was smitten and had to have my own.

Fast forward to April 13 … Roz dings 80. By April 25, he had cleared Naxx….and he’s pretty much worn the same exact gear ever since. *sigh* The Naxx group broke up shortly thereafter, pugs were sporadic and rarely able to even get to Loatheb or Gluth (the two bosses that drop the shoulder token) and once Ulduar came out … well, good luck even finding a group for Naxx. 

But now? Well … any serious raiders who are reading this may want to look away now. I’m not joking here, go on, I don’t want to give anyone an ulcer.

Last night …. I took 23 Emblems of Conquest …. and I DOWNGRADED them to Emblems of Valour. Yes I did, by golly! I nerfed those suckers so fast they didn’t know what hit them. And I bought my damn T7.5 shoulders and I don’t CARE that I didn’t have to raid to get them. Because I did raid … and they never dropped … I never even saw them once. And if they had … I’d have been rolling against rogues, druids, and the infinite army of death knights that are in every raid. So screw you, RNG. I got what I wanted, the one item I have lusted after since my mage was born. Huzzah!

Doesn’t he look sexy?


Featherless Friend

August 15, 2009

Expert Flying skill – 600G

Reins of the Winged Steed of the Ebon Blade – 950G

Tome of Cold Weather Flying – 1000G

Accused of hax because you are flying in Northrend at 76 – priceless


There are some things money can’t buy.

For everything else, there’s a bank alt.

I Win!

August 12, 2009

I had planned on showing you all the new trinket that Roz got in the new Trial of Champions last night. Alas, I somehow managed to log him out naked, wearing only his Plague Igniter. >.>

Interestingly enough, that fits right in with the fact that yesterday, someone found my blog by searching for ‘wow troll naked’  … I can now close down the blog if I so desire, as I have succeeded in my mission.

Nahh…there’s still plenty of nekkid screenshots to be taken, don’t worry. Now, if I could just get work to slow down so I would have time for a real post. /sigh

BTW, the aforementioned trinket? It’s a sidegrade to the Sundial of the Exiled, although technically it’s an upgrade for my spec. They are identical except the sundial has +84 crit and this rune thingy has +84 haste.  But you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see it on Roz’s armory page. ^^