Ambassador Crusader Roz’jin of the Horde

Hi dere. Dis troll has not been addressin joo directly for some time. Dis be a special occasion, mon. Ah been havin a fun time jousting for dose Argent dudes, and dey finally come to recognize dis troll’s contributions to da cause.

Ya, dem elves, dey noticed too … along wit de rest of de Horde. So joo can jest be calling me Ambassador Crusader Roz’jin of the Horde now, mon.

Oh ya, de guild got spammed wit my 10,000th honourable kill last night, too.

Dis troll got a special prize for all his accomplishments. Ah know you all will want one too, but dis one is mine … even if she don’t know it. *grin*

Katia done finished up Nagrand last night, wit some special help from a very awesome DK in de guild who basically soloed Durn and de Ring of Blood wit what little help she could provide. (Thanks again Opp! You rule) She soloed everytin else up to dat point, i.e. all de Nesingwary elites and dat bird where you jump in de nest to steal de eggs. So she be wanderin off to Northrend soon…once she locates de boats dat go dere.

Scuse me, mah adorin fans be beggin fer my attention, so I gots to split. Peace, mon.

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6 Responses to “Ambassador Crusader Roz’jin of the Horde”

  1. Troutwort Says:

    Woot! SO much achievin!

  2. repgrind Says:

    Yeah and that was all AFTER grinding an entire level on Kat. Give her another level or two to get quests for UK and Nexus and she’ll be ready to rock n’ roll with Sib some more.

  3. For The Pie Says:

    Is she wearing the mageweave set?

    I swear that set made my belf priest look like a street walker.

  4. repgrind Says:

    Nah it was uh … I’ll have to look. Some plate set of quest rewards from Nagrand.

  5. Oppenheimer Says:

    I am always entertained by the differences between the male and female skins of the same armor.

  6. repgrind Says:

    Yeah it’s quite a difference eh? My male troll DK actually wore the same set for a little bit (Murkblood Avenger’s Chestpiece/Leggings I believe) … and it was just regular plate that covered everything. I just liked it because of the colour … it went well with his hot pink mohawk. haha

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